6 Ways to Reclaim Your Passion for Life (and To Find That Smile Again)

“Shining Water” (Los Angeles, CA)

Life is not meant to be wasted living in a state of constant anxiety, worry or fear. Life is to be cherished, and treated as an adventurous voyage of which you are the navigator.

This past weekend, my family and I spent a lot of time around large groups of people. And, although I am not a huge fan of large crowds, I do appreciate the opportunity to “people watch.” It really is a lot of fun to see all of the different types of characters we live amongst. (I live in Los Angeles, so I get to see A LOT of unique characters – to say the least.)

One thing I noticed over and over again was this…many, many people had grimaces on their otherwise wonderful faces. It got me to thinking – Why do so many people lose that spark they once had?

Well…I know the answer to that question is not simple. I am sure there are many reasons for those forlorn faces.

But, regardless of the reasons. There is a way to get that groove back. (Yes, I just said “groove.” I know…I am cheesy sometimes.)

Just like everyone else, I sometimes let the negativity get to me, and I bury my head in the sand. But, here are six things that I do in order to feel that connection with life again.

6. Accept Your Flaws

Clearly, none of us are perfect. Not even close. And, besides – what the hell is perfection anyway? So, instead of dwelling on the things you are not, focus on things you are. Embrace the flaws you cannot change. And try your hardest to improve the things you can. Stop dwelling in the realm of negativity. Life is too short to get hung up on the things we cannot change.

5.  You Made a Mistake? So what. Move on!

We all make lots and lots and lots of mistakes. I probably make 500 hundred a day. (That was just an exaggeration… I only make 457.) Honestly, though. We mess up. That’s part of being a human. Learn from it. I repeat. Learn from it. And then, move on. That’s all we can do. Don’t think about it until it drives you crazy. It’s a pointless exercise, and a total time-waster

4. Cherish the Moment.

I know this may sound corny, or cliché. But, it really is true. If you can stop always looking past the moment, and towards the future… And instead, live in the “now.” You will really see a drastic improvement in your enthusiasm for life

3. Don’t Let the Haters Affect You.

Easier said than done, right? Trust me. I know. This particular point is really me giving myself advice. I cannot stand when people treat me unfairly, or disrespectfully. And, I guess most of us don’t. But, I really let it get to me way too much. But, I am working on it. I have to say – it does feel great when you let the hurtful actions or words from another just roll off your back. You take the power back from them. And regain control of your own life and feelings.

2. Explore.

Get outside of your comfort zone. Do something out of the ordinary. I know some personalities are hard-wired to live an adrenaline fueled life, whereas others like to keep things safe and simple. And, that’s cool. I am not saying you have to repel off the Empire State Building. But maybe try a new place to eat instead of Bob’s Pizza every Friday. Or maybe go take a hike instead of spending your entire Saturday inside that 65,000 square foot shopping mall. Try something new. You may like it.

And the number ONE way to get your passion for life back is…. (Drum roll)

1. Laugh, man. Laugh.

Laugh at yourself. A lot. Don’t take yourself, or life, too seriously. Sure. Life can be serious. I know that. I’m a 37-year old lawyer. So I have been in plenty of serious situations. But, no matter how serious it is. I find time to laugh. Maybe not in that exact moment. (Most judges don’t like it when you laugh in their faces.) So, just save the laugh for the ride home. Who cares if you look insane laughing to yourself in your car. Enjoy life! And keep on laughing!

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  1. Laugh, laugh, laugh. Great advice, Kevin. When I feel really down I like to write Absurdist comedy like ‘Taken’ which I just put up. Based upon a nothing-incident when I walked into a changeroom where someone was changing. My inner comedian took over and I went with it 🙂

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  2. Absolutely agree with this post Kevin, life is way too short not to have a laugh at ourselves, we’re not perfect we’re just flawed humans! Sometimes we can be grumpy for no real reason, being grumpy makes me guilty so I try not to be grumpy too often!

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  3. I definitely agree with the last one. There are moments that suddenly you find yourself laughing because you’re happy. Now that’s a point in time worth repeating over and over again. Aaaaaaaand thank you! 🙂

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    • Wow, that’s really nice of you to say. I just try my best to speak from the heart. Glad you stopped by my blog. I hope you continue to read my posts and engage. Have a wonderful day!


  4. I really enjoyed this post, Kevin. Great tips! I especially liked #3 because, like you, I let those haters get to me way too much, but I’m also trying real hard. Although most of us have a few of these in mind it’s great to read another’s take on it. Thanks for this uplifting read. 😀

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  5. I, hands down, LOVE your style. And outlook on life. I feel like i’m reading my own writing! Keep up the great work, It’s a joy to read.
    -The CPA who too is stuck in way too many “serious” situations and finds reprieve through blogging on wordpress.

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  6. Hi Kevin! I just love your outlook on life! This is something everyone should read when we all need a reminder to literally take life ‘lightly!’ Thanks for the reminder….the ‘enlightenment’ ……and the giggle as I read it all! Angel hugs to your family and to you, Blessings, Barbara xxxxx

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  7. O but how I enjoy laughing at my own self! But laughing at certain situations involving language barriers between my new adopted son and I? O but I must relate you this one. He is Arabic & I am English! His English very limited but he tries! Talking to me about all the things he will get for me, with much enthusiasm he tells me, “I found a place where I can buy you an abogado!” I say, “Whatever for you’ll buy me an abogado?” “To eat you know?” came his quick reply! And I exploded in laughter and said, “And avocado! Ahmad!” It gets better, I related the incident to my radio station friend back in the States and my friend tells me, “Ha Ha it will be kind of tough chewing, won’t it!” Talking about laughter! It goes on and on! Otherwise, we’ll sink to the bottom of bottoms! 🙂 🙂

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  8. Such a wonderful post, Kevin! Your zest for life, your way of enjoying life, your perspective always are like a fresh ocean breeze. I could not add anything. It is all said. Life is about living! And we only live when we find ways to enjoy it again and again – no matter what happens around. I love that. Thank you, Kevin! That was beautiful again!

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  9. Number 3 and number 5 I find the most difficult. I have a bad habit of trying to fix my mistakes. The more I try, the worse it gets. Three will become crucial once I publish something because of internet trolls… I enjoyed your post.

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  10. Insights we discover when people watching! 🙂 Crowds choke me but next time around I’ll remember to take being stuck in a crowd lighter and people watch for a dose of sense of humor!

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  11. I needed this! What great timing. Thanks for posting this, Kevin! And that photo called “Shining Water?” Beautiful! The filter you used made the water look like Starry Night by Van Gogh. 🙂

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    • Wow! Van Gogh? Funny, my wife is from holland. And we went to a Dutch festival in Santa Monica yesterday. Van Gogh and Rembrandt are favorites of ours! Thx for the comment and nice words! Have a great evening, Camille. 😀

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