American Awe: Channel Islands National Park (II)


“What a fox!” (Channel Islands National Park, CA)

Hello Everyone! Here are some more photos from my day-trip to Channel Islands National Park (off the coast of Southern California.) What an enchanted place. It’s great to know that the islands are protected national land, and will be preserved for future generations to enjoy!

“Harbor of Joy” (Ventura Harbor, CA)

My friend Angie – from Living Outside the Box – nominated me for a blog award. I graciously accepted, and as part of accepting, I was requested to share some random facts about myself. Well…here you go. Hope you find these facts somewhat interesting! 🙂

1) I started writing stories when I was only 5 years old. My first stories were about the sun, moon and stars. As a I got older, my stories changed but my love of writing never changed. To this day, I write stories. Currently, I am writing a feature-length movie script.


“A Slice of Paradise” (Channel Islands National Park, CA)

2) When I was a sophomore at university (19 years old), I got the acting bug. At the behest of a friend, I auditioned for a play, and we both landed the lead roles opposite one another. The play won national awards, including Best Ensemble, and was a semi-finalist at the American College Theater Festival.

3) When I was 15, I drove across the United States – from New York to Colorado (about 2,000 miles) – with a youth group to meet Pope John Paul II at World Youth Day. What a cool experience!


“Simple Beauty” (Channel Islands National Park, CA)

4) When I was 21, I studied for a semester in the Netherlands at the University of Utrecht. To say I had a good time is an understatement. It was awesome! Meeting people from around the world and experiencing different cultures opened my eyes, mind and heart. An unforgettable experience.

5) Coincidentally, my wife is from the Netherlands! We met 5 years later when I was getting my Juris Doctor degree at law school. She was studying abroad in the United States.


“Horizon of Serenity” (Channel Islands National Park, CA)

6) On the morning of September 11, 2001, I had just walked out of the World Trade Center when the first plane struck. I was 23 years old and on my way to work. The sound of the explosion of the first plane crashing into the tower still haunts me. Needless to say, that day has left an indelible mark on my soul.

I did not want to end on a sad note, but the reality is…that event happened. And, as a human race, we shouldn’t dwell on the past, but we should remember and learn from it. This way, we don’t continue to commit horrible acts against each other, over and over again.

Peace….Love…and Happiness to you all!!

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  1. Your photographs are as amazing as your life thus far, a wide range of experience from tragedy, achievements and happiness enrich your life. Isn’t this the Year of the National Parks? Great choice of subject matter, thanks for sharing.

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  2. Kevin: Thanks for your, like, on my, Ming with Eyes on You. For your info: I have a copy of Sir William Blackstone and the Common Law in my hand. Blackstone’s Legacy to America by Robert D, Stacey. Ph. D

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      • No, Kevin, I’m not an attorney. Honestly, I read about it through one of , Louis L’AMour’s, western novels and bought a copy. I was in Scheduling and Logistics for an Engineering Company before I retired in 2002 after 25 years.

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      • The western genre is great. In fact, I am writing a screenplay now, and the biggest inspiration for my current story is Clint Eastwood’s “Unforgiven.” I’ve seen the movie a few times, and I recently read a copy of the script. The script is amazing.


    • Hi Maria!! That’s very nice of you to say. I wanted to respond in Spanish, but I feared my message would get lost in translation. It is always so touching to hear that my photos made an impact on someone. I really enjoy taking the photographs, and sharing them for the purpose of making a connection with somebody. I am glad I accomplished that. Have a great day!! 🙂


  3. Not sure how I missed this post but caught it today! Great photos and a great selection of stories to share. Love the fox photo too. Have an awesome day.

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  4. Hi Kevin! 🙂 Thanks for liking “Everlasting.” I enjoyed the Channel Island photos. The scenery is so relaxing to look at, although I would not want to get too close to that fox!

    I also liked reading more about your life experiences. You made it out of the World Trade Center just in time! I felt awful seeing the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center and the other attacks on the TV news, but it must have been even more distressing to see the first plane crashing into the tower in person as you did. I agree with you that we should remember and learn from tragic events like this.

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    • Hi Arlene!! Thanks for enjoying the photos. You should take a trip down south and check out the islands, they are beautiful. If you do make it down this way, let me know and I can show you around and we can take some photos!! Yes, that day was quite a horrific experience. I remember it vividly. There was a train stop at the bottom of the tower, so that is why I was there. I took the train to work that morning. It was such a sad day for humanity. But, we must push on, and continue to strive to be better people, both as individuals and as a collective.

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      • You are welcome, Kevin. Thank you for your kind invitation. 🙂 Those islands do look beautiful.

        I am glad that you have been able to move on with your life after such a horrible experience. I agree with you about pushing on and striving to be better, and I like your positive attitude. I have come to accept that every now and then life will hit you with something bad, and it is better for you and everyone else around you if you get back up and do something constructive with yourself when life knocks you down. However, I am not too proud to accept a little help getting back up. 😀

        It is good to hear from you again, Kevin. Take care. 🙂

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  5. I already knew I liked you even before reading more about you. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself. I’m so sorry that you had a front row seat to 9/11 but thankful that you weren’t amongst those that we lost. Every day is a blessing.

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  6. I enjoyed your biographical sketch. The WTC detail made me pause and think.

    I love the vivid colors in these photographs. The gull and sailboats shot is especially beautiful. I wonder if its name is “Jonathon Livingston”.

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  7. All six facts about yourself are amazing. You’ve seen so much. I’m so happy you survived 9/11 and are able to share your incredible talents through your blog. One of my best friends had just walked out of one of the towers when the first plane hit. Happy to know you Kevin! Hugs!

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    • Happy to know you, as well!! I appreciate your positive words on my blog. It’s nice to have such great friends, who always contribute kind words, and insight. Have a great day, and looking forward to a long friendship. 🙂

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  8. Hi, Kevin! Hey, great to see you again! Have you been gone for a while or did I just miss your posts? Congrats to the award. It is a great idea to combine it with a post about your beautiful photo creations!

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