What are Kevin’s fees?

No hourly fees. I charge by the project. My fees are very, VERY reasonable. Send me a message with the project details and I’ll get you a quote.

How are Kevin’s fees determined?

The fees are based on how many words I will be writing. And, how much research the project entails.

What does Kevin need from YOU (the buyer) to get started?

  • The title or subject matter of the content.
  • Word count (estimated).
  • Your Deadline.
  • Any and all keywords that you require to be included.
  • The address of the website or blog for which the article is written.
  • Detailed instructions for the article, including industry, target audience, and tone.
  • The website or blog of comparable articles that you like. (Optional)

How will I be invoiced?

Your invoice will sent through email. The invoice will be generated through PayPal.

What types of payments does Kevin accept?

I will accept check, money order, or PayPal payments.





2 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. dear Kevin, hello, I am one of your followers, and a fellow blogger here on wordpress. I would like to talk to you about a book I have nearly written, but need help with, possibly a ghostwriter. Have you ever ghostwritten an autobiography before? Would you ever think about a percentage of royalties as pmt.? Mine is quite an interesting tale, and I had a published author suggest a ghostwriter.

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