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Kevin Hotter Freelance Writing

High-quality content for all your needs.

Yours Truly! - Kevin J. Hotter

Yours Truly! – Kevin J. Hotter

What I do. 

I am a client-service oriented writer, who delivers on-time, high-quality content that endeavors to exceed your objectives and expectations. 

what I write.

I produce high quality content for clients across numerous industries, such as: travel, legal, entertainment, humor, automotive, consumer research, real estate, insurance, technology, home living, medical, outdoor recreation, pet care and web application development.

I write content across multiple disciplines, including:

  • Web Content Writing;
  • Copywriting;
  • Legal Writing;
  • Grant Writing;
  • Press Releases;
  • Real Estate Writing;
  • Ghostwriting;
  • Articles;
  • Blog Posts;
  • White Paper Content;
  • Technical Writing;
  • Social Media / Facebook Posts; 
  • Satire;
  • Humorous Captions; and
  • Scripts (animated, television, and film). 

I work with a broad spectrum of clients, including: national retailers, medical / legal practices, automotive dealerships, travel and leisure websites, web application developers, and businesses both large and small.

 What I deliver.

  1. 100% original and thoroughly researched material.
  2. Will include SEO keywords (if requested).
  3. Drafted in superb English.
  4. Written for your target audience.
  5. Compelling and engaging content

Why choose me.

I will connect your business with the world by delivering high-quality content that attracts attention to what you’re selling, offering or providing. I provide tailored content according to your specific needs, such as tone, audience, style and length.

I always produce content with your objective in mind, such as helping you increase profits, raising your website’s profile, increasing web traffic, promoting a certain event, or authoring an in-depth piece that explains difficult concepts in layman’s terms.

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One thought on “My Writing Services

  1. Wanted Grant Writer experts with a proven track record to earn $100 a Hour

    If you have ENOUGH FAITH IN THEIR SKILLS TO WORK ON PERFORMANCE ONLY Please submit list of Grants funded in the past 3 year.
    Grant writing for our Fund raising projects: DISADVANTAGED VETERANS, SENIORS and NEEDY KIDS see our web-site an IRS 501c3 Non-Profit, Charitable Organization.
    Veterans Help Charity, dba Life Help Charity501c3 EIN#, DUNS#, SAM# on request.
    Address: 10120 W Flamingo Road #4-344, Las Vegas, Nevada 89147
    Phone: 702-347-7040 Email Contact: Bob Martin

    Compensation: The Contractor shall be paid $100 per hour, 50 hours on ALL Grants secured/funded by Contractor of $25,000 min. received/funded. 50 hours will include all activities as well as telephone consultations and information exchanges via phone and email, communication with prospective funding agencies the 50 hour fee will cover the cost of stationery, postage, copying, telephone, and/or extraordinary travel expenses incurred in the course of providing said services and payment shall be made by VHC to the Contractor within 10 days of each Grant funding.
    Grants under $25,000 We will pay 10 hours ($1,000) to 25 hours ($2,500)

    Independent Contractor: Contractor acknowledges that the services rendered shall be solely as an Independent Contractor. As Independent Contractor. Contractor is responsible for the payment of all federal, state and local income taxes.
    Contractor shall be responsible for all simple office supplies and equipment

    Guarantees: Contractor shall use all resources at Contractor’s disposal to perform duties. Payment is due only on a performance basis…

    Terminated or renegotiated by either party with 14 (fourteen) days’ written notice (by email or postal mail) to the other party.

    *Please submit list of Grants funded in the past 3 years.

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