Hire Me

Why choose me.

You deserve a writer who will educate, inspire and ignite a passion for whatever you are selling, promoting, creating or providing. You need a writer who delivers content with a lawyer’s pragmatic sensibilities and insight coupled with a stand-up comedian’s engaging wit, combined with a photographer’s detailed creativity.

And that is what I can do for you. Deliver high-quality, relevant content that is always on-time and on-point. As a licensed attorney, stand-up comedian and photographer, I combine all of my education, passions and talents to generate written content that is tailored specifically for you – and your needs.

Who I write for.

Past clients include Sears, Xerox, theGO, Ford and the American Apartment Owners Association.

All of the content that I produce has one objective – to help you meet your goals. The material I draft is tailored to your specific requirements, whether it’s raising your business or personal profile, increasing web traffic, promoting an event, or authoring pieces that explain difficult concepts in layman’s terms.

The high quality content that I produce spans across numerous industries, such as:

• Legal
• Entertainment
• Comedy
• Automotive
• Travel
• Self-Improvement
• Consumer research
• Real estate
• Insurance
• Small Business
• Technology
• Home living
• Medical
• Outdoor recreation
• Pet care
• Web application development…
• And more!!

What I deliver.

  1. 100% original and thoroughly researched material.
  2. Will include SEO keywords (if requested).
  3. Drafted in superb English.
  4. Written for your target audience.
  5. Compelling and engaging content.

What type of content.

I successfully write content in an assortment of disciplines, such as:

• Web content
• Copywriting
• Legal
• Ghostwriting
• Blog posts
• White Paper
• Technical pieces
• Social media / Facebook posts
• Press releases
• Satire
• Humorous captions
• Animated cartoon scripts, and
• Television and film scripts.

Click Here to Hire Me.

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