California’s Eastern Sierra: Mountains. Lakes. Ghost Towns. (Part 2)

Mammoth Lakes, California

Hi friends! Here is Part 2 of my journey to the eastern portion of the majestic Sierra Nevada Mountains. To keep it interesting, I’ve included three fascinating facts about the entire Sierra Nevada region.

Fact #1: Home to the Highest Peak in the United States (Lower 48)

Located just outside of Lone Pine, California sits Mount Whitney, the highest peak in the lower 48 states of America. Standing at a whopping 14,505 feet (4421 meters) above sea level, nearly 23,000 brave individuals attempt to scale its peak annually.

Bodie Ghost Town, California

Fact #2 : Home to the Largest Trees in the World the Giant Sequoia

The Giant Sequoia are the largest trees on the planet. These behemoths only exist on the western slope of the Sierra Nevadas. The largest of the Sequoia is General Sherman, a tree that weighs 2.7 million pounds (1,224,699 KG), stands at 275 feet (84 meters) and has a width of 100 feet (30 meters.)

Mammoth Lakes, California

Fact # 3 Home to 3 National Parks, 2 National Monuments, 10 National Forests, and 26 Wilderness Areas

The Sierra Nevada Mountains boast an extensive amount of protected, pristine land. In fact, over 52% of the land is under federal stewardship, with 15% of the land being completely free from logging and grazing.

Mono Lake, California

Hope everyone has a fun 4th of July weekend! Happy Independence Day all!

Mammoth Lakes, California
Bodie Ghost Town, California
Mammoth Lakes, California

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  1. Hi Kevin!

    I’ve tried to comment for the 3rd time on this blog and it doesn’t take so maybe 3 times is the charm.

    I really enjoy viewing your work and the stunning pictures you have taken of GOD’s creation. Hope all is well with you and your family. Are all of these photos taken by you in person? Simply stunning.


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  2. First, beautiful images Kevin, it’s a very inspiring place to connect with nature. One day I would love to see the giant sequoia in person, what a majestic tree.

    What a wonderful family trip, happy 4th, enjoy your family and the day.

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  3. Beautiful photos. Seems that the time to visit that are is spring and fall. I checked out the website for Yosemite and you have to make reservations to enter. I can’t imagine the traffic!

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  4. These are fabulous. Such depth and color. You definitely have an eye for capturing beauty! Just love them, keep them coming, a joy to view

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