Freestyle Friday: Imagination


Some people tell me that they do not have an imagination.

I say — bullshit!

We ALL have an imagination. Whether it be envisioning how you are going to re-decorate your office, or how you are going to kill off the villain in your novel, or how you are going to spend that $1million lotto jackpot (that you’ll probably never win).

It’s ALL imagination.

I grew up in a somewhat rural area about 60 miles north of NYC. I had “woods” across the street from house, and behind my house. And, when I was a kid, I imagined that a Western frontier town existed in the woods behind my house. The “town” was complete with a saloon, horse stables, gunslingers, and just about anything else that my young brain could conjure. When I used to come home during the holidays from college, I would look at the “woods” and seriously wonder if that town had existed. That is how vivid the memory was. That is how intense my imagination was. My imaginary world became part of my life’s memories.

A world without imagination, is a world that I would definitely not want to live in. Your imagination can guide you through life by giving you the tools necessary to see and live outside the box. The box that surrounds us all. Keeping us stifled. Keeping us in line. Keeping us from opening up and being our true selves. Embrace your imagination. Even if it just involves you staring out a window and imagining yourself sitting in a comfy chair watching TV. Your imagination will take you places. It will show you places. It will help you understand who you are.

The reason I enjoy so-called creative writing is because it allows me to express the vast imagination I possess. I am constantly conjuring up alternative realities. And it’s not because I am unhappy with my present reality; it is because it gives me a brief escape from reality. We all need that sometimes. A break where we can forget ourselves, and our pressures, and our responsibilities.

Some people share their imagination with the world. Others keep it all to themselves. Whatever your choice, just remember to always embrace your imagination. Cherish it. Seriously. Because your imagination is a healthy way to filter through all of those thoughts and emotions that eat away at you on a daily basis. Enjoy your imagination!

Have a great weekend, and keep on imagining!

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