California Impressions…(part 2)

Hi Everyone! Here is the second installment of my three-part series … California Impressions. These are all photographs I’ve taken in California since moving here two years ago. I hope you enjoy them!

“Colors” (Orange County, CA)

“Grizzly Bear” (Big Bear Lake, CA)

“Hendrix” (N. Hollywood, CA)

“Sacred Land” (Indian Canyons – Palm Springs, CA)

“Working Ranch” (Santa Clarita, CA)


“Green” (Muir Woods National Monument, CA)


“Old West” (Agoura Hills, CA)

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  1. Thank you for liking “Sunrises” and “Princess in Peacock Feather Mask.” Nice photos! 🙂 I especially like “Grizzly Bear” and “Old West.” I just passed through Southern California when I first moved here, so I am glad to be able to see more of this part of California through the photos on your blog. Jimi Hendrix was a fantastic guitarist. He was very talented, but unfortunately drinking and drugs cut his life short.

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  2. Hello! I am really enjoying your photos! I was born in Palm Springs and lived there and surrounding areas for most of my life. When I was a kid I used to look up at Mt. San Jacinto and wish I was there in the hot summertime. Thank you for the follow at my blog!

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