California Impressions…(part 3)

Hi!! This is the third part in my California Impression series. I truly hope you enjoy these photos, and find inspiration in the images (just as I did when I took the photos.) Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


“Desert Beauty” (Joshua Tree National Park, CA)


“A California Giraffe” (Palm Springs, CA)


“Mentality” (San Clemente, CA)


“Relaxing in the Sun” (Twentynine Palms, CA)


“Comedy Night” (Burbank, CA)


“Friends” (Orange County, CA)


“LA River” (Glendale, CA)


“Sprawling” (Los Angeles, CA)

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  1. By the way, you’d said “Thank you for supporting my site”..
    Allow me to reverse it “Thank you for supporting my desires to see the world”
    😂😊 I can die of such happiness! Wiewwwh!

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