Kevin’s STAND-UP COMEDY (Flappers – Burbank, CA on Saturday at 7:30pm)


Hi Everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I will be performing my stand-up comedy routine this Saturday (11/29/14) at Flappers Comedy Club in Burbank, California.

Hope to see you there!    Kevin’s Comedy – Discount Tickets


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  1. Aww so very adorable she is! Thank I don’t get to see her! XD
    Or she’d get irritated of me running after her to cuddle!
    (sorry, I understand if you won’t let me do that anyway)

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      • Oh I never realised, maybe… Well, I differ quite a lot in real life – a cold gloomy devilish emotionless and selfish girl (add if you know worse words, that’s how I have to be – somehow I feel I don’t fit in) and internet, music and stupidity is my escape from reality…to a world I like more…
        It is nice of you to say so, calling me funny is a very big compliment to me…
        By the way – my personal opinion is that Indians don’t enjoy too much of adventure or shows… I’ve been yearning to have some, to see real life! But the best thing is I get to see quite a lot through your blog 🙂


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