Oh, you silly BIRDS…

“Solitude” (Newport Beach, CA)

Hello All! My daughter and I spotted this guy a few weeks ago. He was huge! And he (or she) was totally un-phased when we began to approach for a closer look to admire its beauty. My daughter got pretty close, and then the bird pooped. It was pretty funny. (Luckily, the poop did not land on my 19-month old  little girl.) Then, my daughter said “No, bird.” She let him know that pooping on her was not cool. haha. Please enjoy these photos. Have a great day!

“Thirsty Birdy”

“Buddy Birds”

“Where’s My Pal?”

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  1. Out of the mouths of babes– very sweet. Nineteen months is a great age. My granddaughter is sixteen months. Don’t let the “grand” fool you. Her father (my stepson) is only ten years younger than me, so I’m not really Granny age… yet. LOL She calls me Nonni instead of Nana. At least that’s the plan. BTW, what kind of bird is that first one?

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