…Arizona Grandeur…

Kevin Hotter

"Southwest Splendor" “Southwest Splendor” (Arizona, USA)

Many people have the misconception that the desert simply means “bare.” But…that is not always the case. Arizona has a rich array of splendid flora and fauna.

When my wife and I drove around the state…we were captivated by all of the varied land formations, animals and desert plants. Arizona is really a special place. You can lose yourself in the beauty…which is a good thing!

Please enjoy these photos that I took during our time there. 🙂

'Lizard King" (Arizona, USA) ‘Lizard King” (Arizona, USA)

"Ancient Dwellings" (Arizona, USA) “Ancient Dwellings” (Arizona, USA)

"Tranquil Rock" (Arizona, USA") “Tranquil Rock” (Arizona, USA”)

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  1. Ô.ó Looks more like paradise. I hope hell looks at least somewhat close to this – cause I’m going there. Heaven’s too much peace 😉

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  2. Kevin- Thanks for following my blog. But most of all, thanks for sharing your talents here. Attorney…photographer…blogger…stand-up comic. I’m sure you either thrilled your teachers as a kid, or challenged them beyond belief! Your images are really exquisite.

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    • No problem. Thank you, as well. Haha. Yes, I drove them bonkers most of the time. I was a real pain in the ass. lol Nobody could tell me what do. How dare they even try! ha. Thanks for the kind words regarding my images. I have a lot more to publish. Great to meet you!


  3. Thank you for following my blog and for liking “Timepieces for the New Year,” “Open Colleges Interactive Brain Map,” and “A Tale of Two Trees.” Nice photos! 🙂 My family and I drove through Arizona on the way to visit my aunt in California. I saw part of the Grand Canyon, but that is all I remember about Arizona. Looking at your pictures makes me think that I should have paid more attention to the beautiful scenery there.

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    • Thanks! I grew up in the Hudson Valley right outside of NYC. I know what you mean about “green.” It was beautiful. I enjoy all forms of beauty. To me…beauty is beauty. I can enjoy the desert just as much as a tropical island. Thanks for stopping by. Pleasure to meet you! 🙂

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  4. Thanks for checking out our blog, man. I’m really glad it led me here!
    “Retire now to your tents and to your dreams, Tomorrow we enter the town of my birth, I want to be ready”

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    • No problem, man. I really like what you guys are doing. It takes real guts to do that. Keep it up, and enjoy it. We are using the same wordpress theme on our blogs. How crazy!! haha. Pleasure to meet you guys!


  5. I never gave Arizona a second thought until life conspired with retirement and we found ourselves spending our winters here. We have learned what you know. The state has a special beauty all its own.

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  6. Great pics Kevin! It’s refreshing to read your blog – most of us don’t have the courage to follow our hearts, so we follow your blog 🙂

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