Pacific Coast Paradise (#Photos #California)


“Yield to Surf” (Ventura Beach, California)

Life is hectic. Life is intense. But…

…Life is also good. If you allow it to be. Always find time to treasure your loved ones. And, to appreciate all you have.

Take a moment. Relax. And enjoy the images captured in these photos. Have a wonderful day! I really mean that…

…Enjoy yourself!


“Purple Skies” (Ventura Beach, California)

“The Mushroom Man” (Malibu, California)

“Palms on the Water” (Los Angeles, California”)

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  1. Kevin: Thanks for the like on my First Snowfall of 2016-2017. It’s all melted away now. More coming this weekend. I know you took these imahes, or loaded them in October. All Neat!

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  2. Hi Kevin…thanks for sharing…Love the pictures! What you wrote also resonates with me…If we don’t balance out our work and our play, then we create an imbalance within ourselves and within our relationships with others too. Everything need not be serious every day. It puts way too much pressure on us. We need to be like you are, great at what you do and share, and still loving and connecting with that funny side of yourself on stage as well! Thanks for the reminder….think I’ll go dance in the rain (and maybe jump in a puddle or two!) Hugs, Barbara xxxxx

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    • Well said Barbara! I love your attitude. I’d jump in a puddle too but I’m currently in downtown Los Angeles…and who knows what lurks in these puddles! Ha. Thanks for the kind words. Have a wonderful day. 🙂


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