American Awe: Channel Islands National Park (I)

"A Glimpse into the Universe" ( Ventura Harbor, CA)

“A Glimpse into the Universe” (Ventura Harbor, CA)

Hope everyone is having an excellent start to 2016!

There are moments in life when…

"Harbor of Solitude" (Channel Islands, CA)

“Harbor of Solitude” (Channel Islands, CA)

…your mind, heart and soul feel in unison…and at peace. I had this experience recently while visiting Channel Islands National Park. My wife, daughter and I took an hour and a half boat ride from Ventura Harbor – then to get ashore, we jumped on a skiff for the last leg of the trip.

"Colors of Life" (Channel Islands, CA)

“Colors of Life” (Channel Islands, CA)

Whether it’s the boat ride to the islands, or just walking through the serene landscape, you will feel a deep sense of connection while in these surroundings.


“Adventure Awaits” (Channel Islands, CA)


“Man with Ocean” (Channel Islands, CA)


“Calmness, My Friend” (Ventura Harbor, CA)

P.S. My friend, Angie, from Living Outside the Box nominated me for a blog award. Thank you Angie! Part of accepting the award involves me sharing some random facts about myself.

So…in my next post (Part II) of the Channel Islands, I will offer the world some random facts about myself. I know…I know. You cannot wait to hear more about me. Because I am so awesome. Haha. Just kidding. ‘Til next time….

83 thoughts on “American Awe: Channel Islands National Park (I)

    1. Nice to hear from you Vijay. Thanks for the positive comment. It was a great destination. I’d love to go camping there with my family. Although….My daughter is only 2 and my son will be born in April. So I’ll have to wait on the camping. 😎 Have a great day!

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  1. Hi Kevin….Love your work! These pictures evoke a feeling of freedom and awe…..I especially liked Harbour of Solitude and could almost see myself on that boat! Thanks for the image….Have a great weekend! Cheers, Barbara xxxxx

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    1. Hey Barbara! Thank you so much. Yeah, it was really a cool place to visit. Very special. The national park service keeps it pristine. Everything you bring to the island must be brought back with you. They do not even have trash cans. The water was blue. The air was fresh. The views were spectacular. What more could you ask for!! Have a great weekend! πŸ™‚


      1. Love all the photos but that one, in particular, reminds me that our adventures DO truly await. Makes me just want to hop aboard and set sail. Which I should never do since I get horribly seasick! πŸ˜‰

        Don’t you just hate when reality intrudes about your fantasy life!

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      2. Ha! I felt a little queasy on the first leg of the trip, but it subsided, and I was eventually fine. Thankfully!! And, yes, reality does get in the way of life quite often. lol Have a great day!


    1. Happy New Year, Mary Beth! Yes, for sure. It is a great place. We only made it to one of the islands. There are 4 more. Some are more rugged, and a bit further. We are planning on camping on of the islands, but not anytime soon considering a newborn is on the way. πŸ™‚


      1. Oops I just realised that I forgot to add the accent mark above the ‘e” at the end of expose – so I wasn’t implying that you were going to reveal or indecently display anything!!!!! The teaching staff are laughing at my mistake!

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      2. We love Australians! They are just like Americans, except with funny accents. haha. My brother went on his Honeymoon to Australia. And, years ago (when I was single), I looked into what I would need to do, in order to work there! I am fascinated with the Land Down Under.

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