California Gold: Santa Cruz Island (#photos #nature)

"Over the Rainbow" (Santa Cruz Island, CA)

“Over the Rainbow” (Santa Cruz Island, CA)

Hello! Hope everyone is having awesome weekends, and for those on the other side of the world, I hope your Monday is getting off to an amazing start.

I’ve been living in California for a little over three years (after moving here from New York), and I have to say – I love California! (Even though I miss my friends and family back east.) With 27 National Parks, 840 miles (1,350 km) of Pacific coastline, and countless mountains, valleys and hidden Mojave, Colorado and Great Basin desert treasures, there is an endless supply of beauty and adventure!

Here are ten photos I took of the Santa Cruz Island region – which lies between the Central Coast counties of Ventura and Santa Barbara. Have a great day! 🙂

"Strength in Numbers" (Santa Cruz Island, CA)

“Strength in Numbers” (Santa Cruz Island, CA)

"The Days of Old" (Santa Cruz Island, CA)

“The Days of Old” (Santa Cruz Island, CA)

"The Light Forever Shines" (Ventura County, CA)

“The Light Forever Shines” (Ventura County, CA)

"The Night Awaits" (Ventura Harbor, CA)

“The Night Awaits” (Ventura Harbor, CA)

"Survival and Beauty" (Santa Cruz Island, CA)

“Survival and Beauty” (Santa Cruz Island, CA)

"We Part in Sweet Sorrow" (Santa Cruz Island, CA)

“We Part in Sweet Sorrow” (Santa Cruz Island, CA)

"Paint the Sky" (Santa Cruz Island, CA)

“Paint the Sky” (Santa Cruz Island, CA)

"Across the Sky" (Ventura County, CA)

“Across the Sky” (Ventura County, CA)

"My Dream of Peace" (Santa Cruz Island, CA)

“My Dream of Peace” (Santa Cruz Island, CA)

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    • Hey John, thanks bud! Nah, I generally keep the photography separate. However – if something funny happens, like me falling into the ocean and losing my pants while taking a photo, I would certainly contemplate including that in my show. haha

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  1. Wow these pictures are beautiful! I discovered your blog via World Traveller’s reboot! You have a new follower! I look forward to seeing more beautiful photos like this!

    I see that you said you moved from New York to Cali. How was the transition for you? I would like to move from NYC about 3 years and have been trying to figure out where I would like to move. Staying on the east coast is my first choice though lol.

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  2. These are some of your most beautiful photos to date! You certainly know how to capture a moment and then have the ability to name the photos so appropriately..Keep them coming, so enjoyable to view and see CA through your eyes😎

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  3. Beautiful pictures, Kevin. I absolutely think the central coast of California is the most beautiful region. For me the “heart” of it runs from San Luis Obispo south through Cambria to the seal beach at San Simeon. But others have their favorite places. I’m in Florida now, but my heart is in California. Love your pics. – Marty

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    • Hi Marty – thanks man! Yeah, I agree with you. Those are amazing places. My wife and I want to take our two very young kids to Cambria this summer. We went to Santa Barbara last weekend. Love it there. Thanks again for the kind words!


  4. So beautiful and love what you do with the photographs -paint the sky eh! I’m pulled into each and every one, mesmerising. Thank you for sharing your stunning Californian landscape. 😀

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  5. Kevin, these are gorgeous! The way you saturate the colors? Love, love, love! When can I see these in an art show or exhibit?

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    • Wow, thanks Nikki! I think the Guggenheim wants to put these on display but I’m kinda too busy. Haha. Seriously though, thank you! And I hope one day I can display my photos to a huge audience. 👍😎☀️


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