The Southern California Experience: A Photo Journey (Part 1)


“True Colors” (Southern California, USA)

Hello Friends! I wanted to share these photographs I’ve taken over the past few months throughout random locations in Southern California. I plan on doing a series of posts with this general theme. I hope you enjoy the images, and have a wonderful weekend! 🙂


“Ancient Memories” (Southern California, USA)


“Alone, But Not Lonely” (Southern California, USA)


“Cool, Calm and Beautiful” (Southern California, USA)


“Surreal Journey into the Sea” (Southern California, USA)


“Desert of Life” (Southern California, USA)


“King of the Sky” (Southern California, USA)

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    • I have no idea what that tree is. haha Actually, tonight, my family and I are going back to that area for a stargazing event. Supposedly, that area is great for viewing stars and planets. We are going to check it out. I will ask around about that tree. Thanks for the kind words, as always! 🙂

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    • Hi Mary – thanks! One of the best parts of sharing my photos is hearing how each person has a different favorite. It really proves the old adage – beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Thanks again, and happy 4th!


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