Palatial California: Central Coast and Hearst Castle


“Mountains, Ocean, Sky…Oh My!” (California’s Central Coast)

Hello my friends! 🙂 It has been way too long since I have posted. It’s been an amazingly busy time for me. But, I’m here now, and extremely happy about that fact!

There seems to be a lot of strife in this world (shocker, huh?). Life is not simple, that’s for sure. But, if we could all live by the old adage to treat others in the same manner that we’d like to be treated – well, then, maybe life would be a little bit easier. 🙂


“Shoot for the Stars” (California’s Central Coast)

Anyway, here are some photos I took a few months ago during a trip to Hearst Castle in San Simeon, CA. I hope you enjoy the photos, and have a wonderful week.

And remember, we cannot control what others do, but what we can do…. is live a principled and authentic life, and treat others with kindness and respect. Take care everyone!!


“Your Path” (California’s Central Coast)


“American Palace” (California’s Central Coast)


“Reflections of the Soul” (California’s Central Coast)


“Smiling Sun” (California’s Central Coast)


“Grandeur Incarnate” (California’s Central Coast)


“Adrift” (California’s Central Coast)


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  1. It is said that during the Age of Pericles, Athens enjoyed 100 years of peace. Too bad our generation couldn’t have done the same. Nice flashback– your wonderful pics of Hearst Castle. Thanx for sharing, Kevin.

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  2. Amazing photo’s as always but I absolutely love your message. Why can’t we all just be kind to one another no matter what’s going on in the world? Lovely post Kevin!

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  3. Lovely to see you again and your beautiful photos and wise words. 🙂
    And Thank you for your visits to my blog during your absence; very much appreciated. 🙂


  4. Love the pictures and sentiment! And that cherub is my favorite at the Hearst Castle. We wish we had time to visit last week, but alas the road south on Big Sur was closed because of a mudslide. Maybe next time! Hopefully you saw the elephant seals too. One time the zebra there were grazing along the road.

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  5. Nice to see your posts and pictures again, Kevin. And what a wonderful sentiment of yours to read, too.

    I go through pangs of homesickness for California sometimes, and for the central coast in particular. San Simeon and the little nearby town of Cambria was my getaway when life got to be too much for me. There is just nothing like that gorgeous coastline. Thanks for taking me back for a few minutes. – Marty

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    • Hi Marty, thanks man! Yeah, my wife and I took our two kids (3 years old and less than 1 years old) up the coast for a trip. It was beauty and chaos all wrapped into one haha. My 3 year old was nibbling jelly beans out of my bag during our tour of Hearst Castle. I had no idea she was doing it, until security almost booted us out of the house lol. Thanks for the comment, and I’m glad my photos brought back some good memories.

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  6. Once again you have posted beautiful photos and I do so enjoy their titles. I see you have a show on St. Patrick’s day… what a wonderful opportunity to let your “Irish” shine!!
    How refreshing to see nature’s beauty and reflect with words of simple kindness and benevolence in a world that certainly would benefit from such thoughts.

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