Surreal Images: Spring in Southern California

“Voyages” (Santa Barbara, CA)

Hi Friends! Hope everyone is having a great week. If your week is starting slow in the ‘great’ department – well, I am confident that it will vastly improve! 🙂

Spring is in full swing here in Southern California, and the temperatures are already hot in my ‘hood! Spring in this part of the world is a relatively short season…

“Filtered Light” (Lancaster, CA)

The transition between our mild winter (cooler temps and a bit of rain) and summer (hot and dry) is pretty quick. One day it is 55 degrees (Fahrenheit), then a week later it is 90 degrees. And will remain that way for many months. I don’t mind the heat, because fortunately, in the area where I live, the nights cool off very nicely. 🙂

“A View of Eternity” (Malibu, CA)

Here are some photos I have taken over the past month. Please enjoy the images and have a great rest of the week. 🙂

“Sunshine In My Heart” (Santa Clarita, CA)

“No Words Needed” (Pacific Coast Highway, CA)

“Poppies Popping” (Lancaster, CA)

“Ancient Rocks” (Malibu, CA)

“Life Thrives” (Mojave Desert, CA)

“A View Upon the Hill” (Malibu, CA)


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  1. A few years ago my son-in-law was stationed in San Diego. My daughter absolutely loved living there. She was born and raised in Massachusetts and has lived in several other states since she has been married. But her favorite place is still San Diego.

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    • San Diego is awesome. Funny, I was born and raised in New York, and attended college in Massachusetts. My sister lives in MA, and one of my brothers lives in NH. I know the Northeast well. And miss it sometimes, for sure. 🙂


  2. I love to see your wonderful photos 🙂 Looks like summer is there already! But if it cools off at night, then it’s bearable to have hot days. 🙂
    I’m having a great start to the week, as it is raining very heavily, right now! Yay! 😀

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    • Hi Marty, thanks for enjoying the photos and for the comment. Yeah, I use a few different apps to filter my photos. Other than seeing the object in person when I capture the photo, my favorite part of the whole process is to play around with the photos and try to create something hopefully unique. 😎Have a good one man.

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