Surreal Sunsets: Ventura Beach

“Walk with Me” (Ventura, California)

Life is many things: Intense. Beautiful. Unpredictable.

But, through it all, we can always count on this – tomorrow is a new beginning. A chance to reinvent. To become a better version of ourselves.

Or, maybe it’s an opportunity to take that leap of faith. And, risk it all for something (or someone) wonderful.

These new opportunities. These new days. Are all preceded by one thing. A beautiful sunset.

That’s right. Because a new day cannot begin – until yesterday’s sun has set.

I hope you enjoy my sunset photos. Have an awesome day, my friends!

“Descend into Beauty” (Ventura, California)


“Blurred Sun” (Ventura, California)


“Alone, I Ponder” (Ventura, California)


“Beating Heart” (Ventura, California)

“Lovely View” (Ventura, California)

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    • Hey Michele, I didn’t know you grew up in CA. That’s awesome. I’ve only lived here for 5 years. Grew up in NY. Spent my summers at the Jersey Shore. Those were some amazing beaches too. Thanks so much for the kind words!!


    • Hi Miriam, thank you so much! This beach is about 45 minutes from my house. We take our kids there often. There is a cool little playground on the beach – in the sand. It’s a very relaxing place. Especially compared to the LA beaches, which are a little further south. Great to hear from you!

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