Kevin Hotter @ Flappers Comedy (Los Angeles, 1.20.18)

This is my first post of the new year, so –

Happy 2018!

Hope everyone is doing excellent.

This Saturday, I’m performing my hysterical stand-up comedy set in the heart of Hollywood at Flappers Comedy Club. That’s right – hysterical. (You have to be confident in this crazy world! 😎😜)

We are constantly inundated with negative news. So, let’s rise above the noise, and have some fun this weekend!

Join me for a night of laughter, food and spirits! 🍸 To me, that sounds like a pretty awesome evening.

Here’s a link to discounted tickets. Hope to see all my friends there!

Show Info: January 20, 2018 @ 7:30pm, Flappers Comedy Club (Burbank, California)





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      • Things are going well mostly. Studying two subjects which are the last ones in the Master Program in addition to completing the Master Thesis. Yeah the winter still dragging on, I’ve now written quite a few posts about winter. Sounds like I’m very negative to the cold and snow. A bit embarrassing 😊 I’m just not quite a winter person and the winter here is a bit too long. Nice to have a chat! Hope all is fine with you. Have fun! 😁

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      • Haha, I hear you about the winter. Having lived most of my life in the northeast of the USA, where the winters are brutal, I can relate. I’ve been in Southern California for 5 years now, and I don’t think I could even handle a winter anymore lol. Good luck with the thesis!! Great talking with you, Isabelle!! Hope you’re enjoying the photo! 😊😎

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      • Thank you for the good wishes Kevin! Unlike the USA, Norway is cold everywhere in winter. No escape you know 😊 I love the photo, it’s in the living room, the most popular place in my home. Good company 😊

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  1. Sadly, I didn’t see this post in my WP Reader at the time, but reading some of the comments I’m pleased to see that your show went well. 🙂
    All the best for 2018 to you and your family. 🙂

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  2. Sending my best wishes, Kevin. It’s the day of my first class this semester – a different kind of stand-up – but I’ve learned one needs to be entertaining in either case. I do wish I could see you in action. 🙂

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  3. Awww it’s this Saturday!!!!! I so WISH we could come. We JUST said yes to another birthday celebration. Honestly two days ago and we have would have said yes to you. I’m sorry That we will miss your performance but look forward to our taco date. 🙂 ________________________________

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  4. The same Kevin! Such a great pleasure to have a chat with you! I noticed someone commented your super beautiful eyes. Can’t agree more! Oh don’t mention the sun, I might get depressed 😁

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  5. What a pity! I’m stuck here in Norway, surrounded by the heavy snow. Wish I could have the chance to be there and have a good laugh with you, Kevin! What a pity……! Enjoy your show! I’m sure it’s an amazing one! 😍🍾️ All the best!!

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    • Hey Isabelle! Would love to have you in the audience. I have confidence that you’ll be at one of my shows very soon. As for your Norway snow, I won’t mention the warm weather and sunny skies here 🌞 Lol. Always awesome to hear from you!

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