“The Pain of Truth” (#Poetry #Photos)

“Solitude Unburdened” (Santa Clarita, CA)

Fallen memories, in my mind

Escape from me, be so kind;


Feigned smiles cannot hide;

Years of darkness, that pain inside.


Open your mind, feel my truth;

Behind these eyes, lies your proof.


Steal my breath, laugh with me;

Touch my hand, set me free.


Scars exist, no shame to feel;

Confront the truth, make it real.


Walk alone, escape the night;

Embrace my heart, hold it tight.


Love will find, that place inside;

Where those demons, try to hide.


Choose the path, this one so pure;

Feel the passion, find the cure.


Winds have blown, the sun has set.

Stars aligned, we have met.

“Set Me Free” (Agua Dulce, CA)

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  1. I knew you were a deep thinker….not only hilarious and artistic but deep. Love this so much. I especially like the “scars exist, no shame to feel”. It just proves you’re a non judgemental sincere guy. I see you Kev! 😊

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  2. What I like about poetry is that you can put so much meaning into a few lines, but that you can read it again and find something new there. It’s a great way of expressing yourself and along with your lovely photos, you have done so beautifully. 🙂

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  3. This is great, it would be an excellent wedding vow. I like the photos, too, yours always have nice composition…and sunshine! (Which I’ve read about, but pretty much just a legend in Boston) 🙂

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