“To Hurt, To Love” (#poetry #photos)

“Ain’t Life Grand” (Los Angeles, California)

Oh, restless heart,

Don’t fall apart.


Their endless need

To watch us bleed.


Prey upon, the fears we hide.

Things we thought, had long since died.


Anger flows from above.

Stifling us, condemning love.


Ruthless man,

We see your plan.


To destroy our trust,

Always love, that’s a must.


Hate and lies,

We shall despise.


Strength and truth,

Is our proof.


That a single ache, from a child’s heart,

Will burn this house, let it fall apart.


Build again, with the purest love.

Protect your soul, you splendid dove.


Look inside, deep and true

Achieve you must, the greatest you.


Love, my friend – then love again.

Peace will come, but only then.

“Hidden Reality” (Los Angeles, California)

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  1. Such a beautiful and powerful message, Kevin, and the image is superb to convey the thought.
    I am recovering from all the harm, and plan my trip to the West of Ireland. Could you PM me on Twitter the names of the villages your ancestors have come from (@inessa_ie). I will do a detour as I told you last year. My plan is to go there in a week or two.

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    • Hey Michele, I really appreciate your kind words. And, I am so glad the poem resonated with you. It’s a wild world, isn’t it? But, we can all do our part in making it a beautiful place to live. Be well, my friend. 🙂

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  2. Wow! Kevin, a stunning post! First I am in awe of the photographs, unreal almost, the tree roots startling and incredible, the building glorious with the front drop of flowering blossom. Your poem is heartfelt, tender and touches us all … our hearts cries out at current events! It’s always a joy and inspiration to read your poems, keep sharing her, please!

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  3. Love is what is so important in life. Thank you. Photo of the tree is beautiful. I wish I could climb the tree like those little munchkins of yours.

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  4. Thanks Kevin, I really enjoyed this! Love, kindness, compassion, peace…..sigh…..wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all approached every day with these in our hearts! I really loved your photos too, strength in your roots and the hidden reality behind the beautiful Jacaranda Tree! Gorgeous! I hope you are having a marvellous day! Angel hugs, Barbara xxxxx

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    • Hi Barbara! Nice to hear from you. And thank you so much for the kind words. I am glad my message resonated with you (which is not a shock). I know you aim to convey the message of love and kindness on a daily basis. Nice! You knew the tree. My wife makes fun of me, because I never know names of plants or trees (except for the really popular ones). I always tell her that I already know soooo much, so I am leaving that stuff up for others to know. hahaha Have a wonderful day!! 🙂


  5. There is an immense amount of strength throughout the poem. Responding to harm with love, such a powerful message. The contrast between the deep roots, the climbing kids and the high-rise building in light-purple shadow. The meaning it conveys…I am drowned in my thoughts. This is a great piece Kevin! 🌟

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  6. Your words show that you have the soul of a true Irish poet. Your photos are inspiring! May you never hesitate to write what’s in your heart.

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  7. Kevin, thank you for this wonderful poem. You write with gentleness and yet such strength of the trauma now playing out.
    Of all I read lately, your poem stands out like a beacon.

    The two last stanzas sounds like a call to us all. We hear you.

    The picture of the so unbelievably strong and enduring roots is fantastic.

    Thank you Kevin


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    • Hi Miriam – thank you so much for your kind words! Sometimes, inspiration just comes to me. And this poem is an example of that. Yesterday afternoon, I took a break from work, and just let the words pour out. Always great to hear from you. Have a wonderful day!!

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