Guest Post: “Spirituality Simplified” (Written by: Diana Schmidt)


Hi Everyone! This is the second guest post that I have included on my website. Please give a warm welcome to Diana Schmidt, who authored the below article. I am sure you will enjoy her thoughts and words! – Kevin J. Hotter


I would love to talk to you about the simplicity of spirituality and why I think everyone could benefit from bringing some spiritual light into their lives. First, let me just say that when I refer to spirituality, I am not talking religion necessarily, I am talking purely about a personal connection to something bigger; whether it be the universe, or nature, or whatever it is that you turn to as that “something” more in this life.

We aren’t humans that have spiritual experiences from time to time; actually we are spiritual beings having a human experience, and if we don’t reconnect to that higher spiritual place, I believe we are living on a superficial level that can only be sustained for so long before we feel a sort of hole inside us; and then to fill that hole, we medicate for depression, or anxiety, or we just starting stuffing down those feelings with food, drugs, alcohol, gambling, busy-ness, to do lists, sex etc. Instead, I think that hole needs to be filled by a spiritual connection.

My personal spiritual journey was spurred on by a feeling of desperation for something more. You know that feeling of “this is it?” I was in College when I first starting thinking, “am I just supposed to keep checking these boxes??? None of this makes sense. What’s the point of this?” I realize now, I was beginning to become conscious to my own spirituality, but I didn’t know what to do about it. I just felt frustrated and confused as to why I was feeling this way!

Wasn’t everything just fine? Other people are happy; what was wrong with me? I was feeling the hole, and I needed to connect to something bigger and just GET ON THE JOURNEY of spirituality and finding my authentic self, but there was no class for that!!

Spirituality can feel intimidating and frustrating, but honestly, it’s really just about getting on the journey with small simple acts that recalibrate your day, and over time lead to big changes. Like anything else, the magic is in simply getting started, and not worrying about whether you’re getting it “right” because there is no RIGHT …there is no right meditation practice, or right prayer, or right mantra, or right yoga practice. It doesn’t have to be complicated and serious, but you do have to do SOMETHING.

Think of it like trying to lose weight… some people feel that losing weight requires going to the gym 2 hours a day, 7 days a week and when they can’t make that commitment they say ‘eff it, I’ll stay here on the couch and do nothing. Why bother right?’ The truth is they would do themselves a huge favor by simply taking a couple of 10 minute walks and maybe eventually building up to a more serious gym going regime, but getting started is CRUCIAL. And in just starting something like a simple walk, they’ll already achieve benefits! It’s the same thing with your spiritual practice.

Since I am on this spiritual journey and so are you, I wanted to share my fave simple practices that I bring into my days in case you need them. These tips are so simple, but if you look closely at yourself after using them over a little time, you will start to see and feel the shifts inside. I’m talking things from clearer skin, and even weight loss, to just a feeling of more inner peace, not getting stressed so easy, and just more open to life; the mind chatter is quieter and you stay in the flow more often. Try one on and let me know what you think!



  1. Mantra – Just pick a mantra AS SOON AS YOU OPEN YOUR EYES in the morning, and repeat it alllllll day. I like this one “I realease all fear, and I know I am being guided” (I got that from one of Gabrielle Bernstein’s lectures/books)
  2. Read a Passage from a Spirituality book. My faves are “Miracles Now” by Gabrielle Bernstein which has short daily practices/words of wisdom that you can dive into anywhere and “A Year of Miracles: Daily Devotions and Reflections” by Marianne Williamson.
  3. Try Essential Oils.   Essential oils have high vibrational frequencies (remember, science actually proves we are all energy) so in order to increase our own vibrational energy, call in more intuitive guidance, increase relaxation and even concentration (and so much more) we can use essential oils. I’m still experimenting with this one, but peppermint has some great benefits, and rose oil as well. Make sure you get high quality! I listened to a great podcast from Ben Greenfield about these too if you’re interested.
  4. Hooponopono– From this ancient Hawaiian practice, we are told in the face of ANY problem, repeat “I love you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.” That’s it! The story is, and I actually went to a seminar with this man, that a Hawaiian therapist healed a whole ward of psych patients, never seeing a patient, but just using this technique. Check out the book “The Easiset Way” for more info on that.
  5. Grounding – walk around outside with bare feet, or lay on the ground outside. Why? You are connecting to earth energy which raises your own vibration (again, if you think this sounds crazy, Science has proven we are energy!)
  6. Breathe – this is one of my favorites, I practice it while driving and sometimes during meditation. Breathe in for 5; hold your breath for 5; breathe out for 5; hold it out for 5. Repeat 10x! Breathing, deep breathing increases relaxation, and you become more in tune with yourself rather than caught up in your spiral of thoughts.
  7. Be Quiet: For 5 minutes. Sit in QUIET. That’s it. Light a candle and watch the flame as you take deep breaths in and out through your belly. Or just close your eyes and breathe. I like to close my eyes and visualize a future version of myself. Often shes jumping on a trampoline with lots of sparkles.
  8. Listen to a Podcast: Marianne Williamson has great (less than 5 minutes) podcast called “Miracle Thought” …I listen to a quick daily thought while brushing my teeth in the morning. I’m sure there are many more, so if you have a good on, let me in on it!

PS: My opinion is that morning, I mean AS SOON AS YOU OPEN YOUR EYES is the BEST time to implement these because you set up the course of your day differently than if you let your mind chatter, and thoughts of “to do” lists take over immediately. So with that… remember, there is POWER in simplicity when it comes to your Spiritual Journey.

I hope you can use one of these ideas to start awakening that part of you that you that you hear whispering inside. Remember, when it comes to this life, the JOURNEY really is the destination. And I don’t say that to sound cliché, it really is true. You don’t just finish Spirituality University one day and you’re good to go. I know this first hand, it’s a constant, every day, every minute, every second commitment to learn and grow; to try on new ideas, and experiences, and to simply be OPEN to what the universe wants to show you. THAT process, in itself IS spirituality and embracing it will open up the world to you. That’s been my experience, and I hope it serves you.


About the Author: Hi! I’m Diana, and sticking with the theme of this blog, I’m a lawyer by mind and a seeker at heart! And we know the heart is the boss, so despite my best efforts to push down the pull towards working in health, wellness and spirituality, I find myself practicing human law AND spiritual law on the daily.  The overarching belief that guides my efforts in all arenas is that we are not humans having spiritual experiences; we are actually spirits having a delightfully odd and pretty mysterious human experience. My goal for myself, and for people I coach or come in contact with is simply that we can live with childlike enthusiasm and authenticity; to see from a place behind our eyes and beyond what we can physically quantify.  It’s truly a daily practice and I am a seeker on this journey, grateful for each day that I get to keep practicing.  – Diana’s Facebook page

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  1. Love this post too!! I use the peppermint essential oil as a pick me up in the afternoon. Just place a drop in your palm and rub your palms together quickly. The friction warms the oil then bring you hands to you nose and sniff deeply. It’s better that drinking a cup of coffee:) I will try some of the other suggestions.

    Love and Light,

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