…those COOL moments in LIFE…


“Palm Row”

Life presents moments in which you have such clarity…such satisfaction…such happiness.

And, they are…

The cool moments.

Those points in time in which you feel invincible. On top of the world.

You may have achieved something great. Or experienced something amazing. Or witnessed something extraordinary.

Regardless of what event led you to that wonderful moment – it happened.  And that’s what’s important. And you should cherish it. Because, as we all know, life is full of ups and downs; and we often have an easier time dwelling in those down moments than we do in our up moments.

When we were kids, life was full of wonder and excitement. Everything was new. Everything was an adventure. Then, life kicked in, along with a lot of responsibilities. But that doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy cool moments like we had when we were kids.

Remember how awesome it was to walk into the living room and see presents under the Christmas Tree? Or that pride your felt after hitting a home run or scoring a basket? Or that feeling you had on the last day of school each year? (well… I definitely loved that day!)

I recently had a really cool moment in my life. A few weeks ago, I was hired to write the script for a computer animated cartoon. And, on Saturday, I saw – for the first time – my imagination brought to life.  I was sent a brief clip of the animated cartoon, and I got to watch my own imagination. Now…that was cool.

This time of year, there are a lot of opportunities for cool moments. So, let’s all enjoy the Holidays. Enjoy each other. And, savor the cool moments in life.



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  1. Kevin, Thank you for stopping by my blog and for the follow. I’m fairly new to the world of blogging, just getting my feet wet and wading through my ‘likes’ and ‘follows’. This piece resonated with me and sort of reminds me of my thoughts in the piece I wrote a few weeks ago, “Sentimental journey and the moments that count.” I’ve explored your site and look forward to reading more of your work.

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    • Hi Nancy, I’m pretty new to blogging too. I started in September. Thanks for stopping by my blog, and for the comment and follow. I’ll be sure to check out your post you mentioned. Have a great day! 🙂


  2. Very nicely said Kevin. This certainly is the right time of year to post about cool moments in life. If we adults could take the time to enjoy the wonderment that is seen in a child’s eyes at the mention of “Santa”. Somehow the true meaning of Christmas is lost to many because of the stress, rushing and needless angst that surrounds us. Why not take the time to thoroughly enjoy the true meaning of the season: sharing, giving and the joy of watching children on Christmas morning as they “live” the moment of realization that Santa has indeed paid them a visit. More importantly, at least to me, is the true meaning of Christmas and that is the birth of Christ. It seems that wishing someone a Merry Christmas has become somewhat of an issue. That is sad because when you do so you are basically wishing them peace, love and joy. On that note I wish all a very Merry Christmas and please do take the time to revel in the “cool moments” of sharing & giving!!

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  3. Congratulations! !! That does sound very cool!! 🙂 by the way 35 countries is a bit intimidating 🙂 I will make sure to finish it hopefully no later than Sunday I hope. Fighting off a cold and migraine. Thanks again, Kevin for the offer.

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