…the HEART wants…(what the heart wants)


I took this photo on Thursday while hiking in the Verdugo Mountains in Burbank, CA. It was drawn in the sand, and I almost accidentally stepped on it.  Luckily… I saw it just in time.

The image got me thinking about life, and happiness.  And how our hearts are filled with all sorts of feelings, and contradictions.

But..the heart knows what it wants. Probably more so than our minds. So, I think I will just continue to follow my heart.

Because so far… it has not let me down.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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  1. I thought I should follow my head, and I usually do. But I guess I need to change my ways, although that won’t get me any close to the art you own. 😂

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  2. I just love your post. I have a post with similar name sitting on drafts for months now…. Can’t seem to find the appropriate trim for a lengthy & very personal post. But I will at some point. Thanks for sharing yours.

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