SIBLINGS…who invited them to the party!?


“Merry Go Round”

Siblings…you got to love them. Who else is there to remind you that you’re not mom’s favorite. Or that you had it waaaay easier as a kid than they did. Or that you were born as a result of a faulty contraceptive. No one’s there to do it. Except for those people who come from the same exact DNA as you.

But, seriously.

Your brothers and sisters are to be appreciated. Because no one else on earth shares that connection with you. All those attributes (good and bad) that you possess, are also running through their veins. All those oddities that arise in every family behind closed doors gives you and your siblings a special bond that is timeless and unbreakable.

In a blink of an eye. Those siblings of yours can drive you nuts! And, then two minutes later you are once again reminded that you ‘re blood, and that you both have the same crazy parents…(just kidding mom and dad, you know I love ya!!)

I am the youngest of four kids. Two older brothers. And an older sister. They are much older than me. In fact, my oldest brother is 98. Juuust kidding. He’s 76. Ha! (he’s actually in his late 40s)

When you are much younger than your siblings, you tend to look at them as parental figures. So, growing up, I had 5 parents to make proud. And, I took that job very seriously. All I wanted from them was attention and approval. And, during the holidays, the highlight was watching them come through the front door after being away for months at college.

Each of my siblings has taught me valuable life lessons.

My oldest brother has instilled in me the importance of taking responsibility for your actions, and the role family should play in your life.  And how you can achieve things in life if you put your heart and soul into it.

My other brother has shown me what it is to truly live in the moment, and how important it is to live life to the fullest and enjoy every aspect of it. And that generosity is always a good thing.

And my sister…she has shown me how to maintain strength and dignity no matter what life throws at you. She has also shown me that it ain’t easy for a girl growing up with three brothers who would steal the food right off your dinner plate!

Love you guys!



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  1. “Who else is there to remind you that you’re not mom’s favorite.” haha! 😂
    Both lucky and unlucky not to have siblings…
    Such wonderful things you write!
    I’m intoxicated in happy tears!
    Wow! I’ll be waiting for you to post each day!

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  2. Love your upbeat article and the positive outlook on siblings, which is the way it’s supposed to be. Unfortunately, as much as some might wish for and work toward warm and enduring relationships with their sibs, it isn’t always possible. In my family, for example, 20 years ago my youngest brother announced, “From this day forward I will have no further contact with my family.” He sent my mom and my next youngest brother and me a note on yellow legal paper and we were shocked. He offered no explanation for his decision and, up to that point, we believed we were a happy and loving family. To this day, he has refused to speak with us, with the exception of sending flowers addressed tersely to “Mother, from your son.” It is heartbreaking. Fortunately, my second brother and I adore each other and our bond is strong. All the best to you, Kevin.


    • Hi Susan, thank you so much for your comment. Family relationships can be very complicated, and sometimes people are fighting with us and we have no idea why! I know many people who have strained relationships with their siblings. It is an unfortunate thing. I am happy to hear that at least you and your other brother have a tight bond. All the best to you as well.

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  3. This is a GREAT article! You don’t hear / read much about loving and appreciating your siblings these days! I totally share your opinion. Myself and my younger sister are like siblings, helping each other, supporting each other. In today’s day and age it’s cool to be ‘different’ from our siblings, that manifests in not having a good relationship with siblings because ‘they’re weird’. It’s totally OK to be different, it’s about finding what’s special about them and embracing it and realising that we’re one blood and treasuring it. If your own blood won’t stand at your side, no one else in this world will! Thank you for this article!!!! 🙂

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