…a FRIEND…through the YEARS


I was talking with my friend on the phone the other day, and he mentioned that he enjoyed reading my article about siblings. He then suggested that I write something about what a great friend he was.

After I got done laughing and then telling him that his shameless efforts to have a special article about him will never come to fruition. I started to think…

…maybe he was right.

I live in California now. But, I am originally from New York. So…most of my friends live back on the East Coast. And when I say most. I mean… pretty much all of them.

This particular friend has been my buddy for over 30 years. We are very different from one another. And, we have lived in separate cities, states, or countries for the better part of our adult lives. Yet, he is still my very good friend. And he probably will be until the day I die.

There is something to be said about that kind of friendship. One that is timeless. In fact, I have several very good friends that I consider life-long pals. And they know who they are. These particular friends of mine are loyal, trustworthy, and most of all – they are good people.

Now that I am a grown-up. A fact that I can no longer deny. It is harder to meet true friends. A lot of people in their adult years have no interest or time to meet new friends. Or they have an agenda, and once you have fulfilled their agenda, they move on. Or, they are just plain and simple users. Only being your friend until you give them what they seek.

But…along the way. Whether it be when you are 10, 30 or 70 years old. You meet certain kindred spirits.

Guys and gals that truly get…where you’re coming from…and what you have to offer.

These people are unique. And, today, I want to thank them, and let them know that I recognize how special they are.

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  1. Your blog came by way of a friend telling me, and you are an attorney and I love law. I live in Chicago suburb so I have not found work in paralegal but Love it. I had to stop to see what you write. You are a great writer

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  2. Friends are definitely hard to come by. You need to hold onto the ones you’ve got. Sadly, most of my “friends” are former work acquaintances and not what I would call friends who you would hang out with or turn to in times of trouble. My brothers are my best friends. They’ve been there throughout and always will be.

    PS…Thanks for following my blog. Really dig your photography and uplifting posts here.

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  3. Thank you for following my blog. Wonderful post! 🙂 You made some keen observations about friendship. Like you, I find that true friends are harder to find as I get older. Over the years, I have met people who seem to be interested in becoming friends. They give me their contact information and then I never hear from them again. Or I try to contact them and then never hear back from them. I have become used to people drifting in and out of my life. I was somewhat disappointed about this happening again and again until I finally realized that the people who truly care about me will return to me. They will find a way to keep in touch with me even if it is only an email or a Christmas card in the mail. Luckily for me a few kindred spirits have come back to me! And I do cherish their friendship. 🙂

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  4. Certain people I meet– virtually or otherwise– give a sense of their true self. They are real– no fake facade. When I first started putting myself out there I made myself a conscious choice to always be me, take it or leave it. And when our (you and me) paths crossed I could tell right away you were genuine. I guess what I’m trying to say is, I’m happy we connected and grateful to call you a new friend.

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  5. you can’t pick your siblings, but certainly can pick your friends, many times good friends are closer to you (I do not mean physically closer) than siblings.


  6. I have had one true friend through all these years.And your right .The others , I have met seem to be the type that have only been friends when they have achieved what they needed from me .
    Then I guess those others in reality were never my friends

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  7. Wonderful statements about the character of friendship and what it is about. When I read your words I see many of my friends right in front of my eyes. About some (or actually one) I am disappoined regarding the part of loyalty. This is right what seems the simple but nevertheless important basic of friendship: Honesty and Loyalty. A great tribute, Kevin!

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  8. True, I lost most of my friends in last 2-3 years. Now, I have few friends but they are true ones. We all are in different parts of country, talk occasionally but that does not change the feelings even a bit. It just doesn’t matter.

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