California Impressions…(part 5)

“Delicate Balance” (Mojave Desert, CA)

Man. I am enjoying posting these photographs almost as much as I enjoy taking them. My love for photography is relatively new.

But…it makes sense. I love watching movies. I love writing movies. And movies are simply moving photographs. Anyway, I really love posting them because I believe that beauty should be shared. And the images I find beautiful…well…I hope others can appreciate them also.

“Strength” (San Bernardino County, CA)

“Lush” (San Diego County, CA)

“Old World” (Southern California)

“The Beauty of Brown” (San Diego County, CA)

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  1. It has always been crazy to me that the desert can have beauty. When I moved to Vegas I was sad that I wouldn’t see green anymore but I honestly have found some of the most amazing sites here. Red Rock is crazy beautiful! These photos are amazing, can’t wait to see more!


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