California Impressions…(part 6)

“Palms and the Mountain” (Palm Springs, CA)

At the rate I am going…I may never stop publishing photos of California. It’s so cool to see so many people enjoying these images. It’s really a wonderful thing when you can make connections with people through a visual medium, such as a photograph. Have a great weekend everyone!

“Sanctuary” (Colorado Desert, CA)


“Days of Beauty” (Carlsbad, CA)

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  1. Ohhh! My eye balls just came out! XD
    WOW! I think I don’t even need to go anywhere till you keep posting! Such lively and vivid pictures – I am already there! ♡

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      • And please do not (waste your time) reply to each and every comment of mine. It’s alright. I already had enough of a treat by visiting your blog! I really do appreciate your modest ways. 😉
        I was only overexcited and I still am getting – thinking of what more can be there to your spectacular photography skillslll so I went on cluttering your blog with comments. Of course, you are amazing at everything you do, but photography really is my love.
        Although I don’t even have a good camera or places to visit (if you want to say that each place has its beauty – I agree – it does, but the problem is I hardly get to step out of my house, and I’m not optimistic enough to click pictures of the furniture, unfortunate circumstances) -_-#

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