“Beachside Fun”

A few days ago, we took our 18-month old daughter to a tucked away little beach in Malibu. That’s where I took the above photo. The beach was empty except for us, and the herd of surfers who were riding waves of paradise.

I watched my tender, innocent daughter wander through the landscape. Enjoying and observing every little thing she saw.

The sand. The driftwood. The seaweed. The rocks.

They were all simply amazing to her. And to watch her enjoy life with such an angelic, naivety was just as amazing.

I smiled.  (Then, ducked down from a swooping seagull.) And then I smiled some more.

Adulthood brings with it such responsibilities, anxieties and concerns. Your heart begins to fill with worry and disappointment. You block people from entering your heart…because…you have been burned too many times in the past.

Then something magical happens. A little girl arrives here on planet earth. With her pink skin, and squinty eyes, she breathes her own air for the first time. And you feel your heart open like a door that’s been sealed shut for centuries.

Time continues to move forward. You get older. And so does your little darling. But, instead of the door closing, it just opens wider and wider. Until…you realize that your heart is filling up with so much love, that you are almost forced to give just as much love back to the world.

I am still a bit rough around the edges. I continue to work on my temper.  And, I can probably be a bit more understanding of other’s shortcomings.

But, man.

Has my heart evolved into something that I would never have thought possible?

You’re damn right it has.

My heart has become an open vessel for everything beautiful that the world has to offer…

….all thanks to the little munchkin who runs away with my cell phone at least 10 times a day. 🙂



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  1. What a great post! I have a daughter too, and now she is a mother herself. It is so wonderful to see your little baby grow up and become a parent – a responsible, loving parent. Happy for you! 🙂

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  2. What should I say, words out of stock! Everything, everything is perfect, from what you write to what you shoot (not the animals hopefully, or do you go hunting too?) Can’t know what to expect or not from a person as versatile as you!

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  3. Just discovered your blog, because you discovered mine and I LOVE what I see and read 🙂 Now I will be busy the next couple of hours, reading all of it ! Thanks for sharing parts of your life with us.

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      • We both speak Dutch then ! She sure is a lucky girl to be married to you ! You seem like a very nice person 🙂 Will follow your posts with lots of attention. Wish you and your lovely family lots of happiness !!!

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  4. Holy cow, your munchkin sounds squishable. It’s a rather humbling experience to find yourself in charge of a tiny human being. It makes you second guess nearly everything. The emotional gamut is forced wide open and you feel practically naked with each new unnerving experience. But it’s a good thing–you’re obviously coming to realize this, Kevin. That is one lucky little lady stealing your iPhone. I hope the ensuing years brings you to tears, to your knees and to the conclusion that it is worth every effort you have available to make her the best person you can. Here’s to a million more Malibu moments. Cheers

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    • Hi Shelley! Thank you for the insightful and thoughtful comment. I took a look around your blog. You certainly have a way with words. You’re a very talented writer. Keep up the great writing and your family sounds amazing!


  5. Your post really moved me to tears. I’m really not officially blogging, but I had to come over to see you due to being my most recent follower and when I did see, I followed in return. You really have something incredible going on here. I am honored to be here. Love, Amy

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      • Kevin, one of the things I do here on WP, is to encourage and uplift and really appreciate those who come to my blog. We live in a take take take world, and so many view what we publish, zooming on the next blog, barely just glimpsing what we have done. I have developed a circle of WP friends who I cherish, and who I really make time to appreciate them and their blogs. My Hope that others will stop the frenctic pace of this world and really SEE the beauty before them. Have a beautiful day! Love, Amy

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      • I’m in. Word of warning. When your following gets as large as mine has, it gets very very very challenging to keep up with those that come to your blog. Whew! Honest! There are some days I am SO weary from blogging, I don’t remember hitting the pillow. LOL 🙂

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  6. 7 years in this city of Angels and I’ve yet to venture out to the paradise that is Malibu. I bet the sand there feels amazing in your underwear.

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  7. Nicely written! If we could only spend our life seeing everything through the eyes of a child, it would must certainly be a more gentle, unprejudiced, peaceful world. How wonderful for you to be able to appreciate life’s wonders through the eyes of your beautiful daughter. We, as parents, have been given a marvelous opportunity to see once again the wonders of the world through our children.Enjoy each and every moment..

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  8. So lovely, Kevin! Kids change our lives. They intrrupt our stereotype way of living and remind us to the miracle of life and it’s endless source of special things to discover. They open our eyes (our heart’s eyes) and make us see the world through theirs, which makes us see the world a second first time.

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  9. we never stop being parents to out children. I thought that when my daughters reached adulthood, I’d be less of a mother to them. It’s the other way around! I am more in need of a mother to them 🙂

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