California Impressions…(part 7)

“Touch the Horizon” (Mojave Desert, CA)

Hello! I really appreciate all of the positive feedback, and comments that I’ve received from everyone. Sharing my thoughts, words and photographs with you all has been a great experience. I look forward to what lies ahead. I hope you enjoy more of my photographs of California! (As you can see from my photos — I like my colors…sharp.) 🙂

“Filtered Sky” (Los Angeles, CA)


“Sight for Sore Eyes” (San Diego, CA)

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      • That’s great; I wish you all the best! I’m a freelance writer but I generally work through third parties. So…now I am aiming to have more “direct” clients and cutting out the middle man. I plan on launching a new website (of which my blog will be a part). It’s been slow getting the website going because I’ve been so busy. You and I could probably help each other out with referrals!! Whadda think?? If so, I can give you my email address.

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  1. Thanks for the follow! I am loving these photos and need a change of scenery – Kansas City is a great place to grow up but I have always longed for mountains, coast, and forest. I am seriously thinking about a move to northern Cali in the next couple of years. Have you spent much time up that way?

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    • No problem! Thank you, too. I have only lived in CA for a little over two years. So, I have not been up north that often. But when I have been there, I loved it, The whole state is pretty great, I love living in SoCal. Tons of things to do and see. Natural beauty everywhere. And the best part is of course the amazing year-round weather. It changes your life. Being able to live an outdoor lifestyle 365 days a year is great. Can’t beat it. I wish you all the best in your goal to get out and see the world! Its a great idea…


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