…the UNIVERSE connects US….

“Ocean Greens”

We all live upon this planet as a collection of living, breathing, and thriving organisms. It is unquestionable that the love and energy we exude is thrust into the universe; eventually finding its way back to us.

Once we all accept that our connection is on a deep, molecular level…maybe then…we can show more kindness. More compassion. More love. But…until then. We can still enjoy the moments when the sun is shining on our faces. When the ocean breeze slips through our eyes. And…when the blue sky welcomes us with open arms.

Have a wonderful day everyone! And…please enjoy my photos. 🙂

“Giving Life”

“Ocean Green”

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  1. Thank you for liking “Heart and Soul.” Beautiful photos and thoughts! 🙂 As I get older, I feel that wonderful universal connection that you discuss in this post. It is easy for me to experience this connection out in nature, so I try to go outside whenever I can even if it is just a short walk down the street so that I can look at the trees and the sky and feel the sun on my face.

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    • Right on! I totally agree. There is something magical about being in nature. Growing up in a relatively rural area, I’ve had the privilege to be around beautiful nature for a very long time. Thankfully!

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      • Yes, I agree! Growing up around nature is a wonderful gift. After living in New York for a few years, my family and I moved to Florida, and I spent some very happy years living by the sea. My family and I spent nearly every weekend on the beach. The beach was such a beautiful and peaceful place to be, and I did not ever get tired of it.

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      • Yes, I live in California now. My family and I moved around a lot when I was young because my dad was in the U.S. Navy. After he retired, we came to California to visit one of my mom’s sisters, and then my parents decided to stay here.

        I am glad to hear that you were able to spend some time on the beach too. 🙂 I was actually born in New Jersey, but I did not stay there long enough to remember it. (I never had an interest in that Jersey Shore show either.)

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  2. I adore the photograph you’ve taken of the wave pulling away from the beach – it reminds me of my childhood home by the sea. It’s not often you see a seascape from this angle, with all it’s interesting imperfections like the strands of greenery flowing in with the water. Beautiful, thanks for sharing!

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      • I lived on the East Yorkshire coast in the UK – a small seaside town called Bridlington. There’s a couple of different beaches ’round there – a long sandy stretch, and then further along an amazing rocky shaley beach with some great caves.
        Whereabouts was your photo taken?

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  3. Thank for sharing your beauty. It sounds as though you have already made the choice I’m offering for the next 32 hours. Your post reeks of then sweet aroma of the milk of life.

    Thanks for sharing your light. May it be a guide post for all lost souls looking for the path of redemption.


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