California Impressions…(part 8)

“Escape Route” (Colorado Desert, CA)

I am not a big fan of spending all my time taking photos of everything I experience. I enjoy being in the moment, and just taking it all in. Sometimes, though, I am compelled to take photographs of  certain images…

Not sure why those certain images grab my attention…They just do.

I enjoy sharing these photos on my site… is really cool to be able to connect with others. And, in doing so, we can all share a moment of enjoyment, and tranquility.

“Manifest Destiny” (Los Angeles, CA)

“Valley Days” (Burbank, CA)

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    • Thanks! Yeah, it is a beautiful state. I like the whole western part of the country so much. Amazing landscape and Native American history. Fascinating land. By the way, I enjoyed looking around your blog! 🙂


      • Time is working for us… lol At least the snow melted almost completely. But there might be some snow showers again this week. It warmed up a little. But things can still change. We only have February. March can still be some signs of winter. We will see. If I get too annoyed I visit you. 😄

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