the HUMBLE silence…of…GREATNESS

Hollywood, CA

After I took this photo – I thought “Is this a sign or an ideology?”

Greatness is not easily defined. It’s a concept that means a lot of different things…

But – one thing is undeniable…

….Greatness is only truly achieved by those who possess a genuine heart and silent humility.

We meet so many people in life who love to boast about their achievements. They drop names (which I recently did – oops!). They talk, talk and talk…but never listen.

On the flip side. We also meet people who are beyond humble. They have given so much to this world, and to the people in it. Yet, they show no pride. No boastfulness. No self-importance. They just do their thing. And do it well.

Recently, I met two dudes. Both of these guys are very successful in their chosen fields.

One guy couldn’t stop talking about how terrific his business was, and how many awesome famous people he knows.

The other guy presented himself with modesty, and genuineness. He undervalued his achievements, and never let on once that he had reached the pinnacle of success in his career. (Only later from other people did I find out who this guy really was.)

Everyone knows the saying that actions speak louder than words. And it’s true. They really do.

If you are aiming for a life of fame and fortune, then you are missing the point.

Aim for success.


But, don’t aim for success for the sake of success. Aim for it, because you want to give something back to this world.

I would love to write a television show or movie that has a deep effect on people. Somehow, if my words could reach into their hearts and minds, and give them laughter, joy or something to think about. Then…to me…that is success.

So many people I meet here in Hollywood only desire to be “known.” But when pressed as to what they truly want to achieve, they simply look at you and say “Fame and money. What else?”

I just smile and think to myself. Where did these people lose the ability to be humble? To silently go about their life with genuineness. To simply seek to achieve greatness for the betterment of humanity.

It does not even have to be a grand scale. But, we are all in this together. This thing called life.

We might as well help each other out a little bit. So…go and be great. But, remember. No one wants to hear how great you are. Just do it. And let your actions speak for themselves.

(P.S. Wasn’t this post awesome? Aren’t I amazing? Ahhhh….just kidding!! Have a great day everyone!)

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  1. Well written Kevin! I think just being famous is tiresome and difficult many times. Often people like being in the media until they get famous, then it isn´t funny anymore. Lots of good comments here to your post. Great! Have a 😊 day, week, year and life! You are well on your way.

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  2. Thank you for liking “Hello Spring!” and “Spring Equinox.” Great post! 🙂 I like people who are more humble about their accomplishments too. Like you, I have goals that I want to accomplish, but as I get older I care about how I accomplish these goals as much as the goals themselves. I don’t want to be as selfish as I was when I was younger, and I don’t want to use or hurt other people just to get what I want.

    I also think that losing my mother and taking care of my elderly father has changed my priorities. I could probably get a better job if I get additional training and move somewhere else, but I don’t want to leave my dad alone when he really needs my help. I also do not really want to put him in a nursing home. Even though it is not easy for me to take care of my dad, I think to myself that he is the only father that I have and once he dies I won’t be able to see him again for a long time (I think heaven exists, and I hope to get there one day).

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    • haha. I hear ya, Mitch. I was just telling Steven Spielberg all about my idea about a 1930s archaeologist, and he just kept yapping about some guy named George Lucas. Go figure.


  3. Very well written and so true! I believe that alot has to do with the age & upbringing. Those people are the ones that are humble and silently genuine. I hope to be as great as you some day too Kevin! LOL! Hope you have a wonderful day! Melanie/Honest Glimmer

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  4. Lol, Kevin! Yes, this post was definitely awesome.. hahaha! I loved it and I totally go with you. I don’t think that working for fame is bringing happiness – at least not a stable one. It only brings the need to be more, become more, get more,… It is a never ending striving which puts an enormous pressure. The most beautiful thing is to simply give what your heart provides. If it brings success, wonderful! If not, wonderful! It doesn’t make a difference since what comes from the heart fills with happiness anyway. It is the greatest reward.

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