…MOUNTAINS OF MAJESTY…(the Mighty Rockies)

“Glory” (Colorado, USA)

The Rocky Mountains…one of our planet’s greatest treasures. These humongous mounds of earth jet out of the ground, and reach for the sky with a power second to none.

Everything about these mountains is magnificent. From the landscape. To the air you inhale. To the views which enchant.

I was 15 years old when I first experienced the Rockies. We were driving across the Great Plains of the United States…then…

“Power” (Colorado, USA)

…BOOM. There were the mountains. I was hooked.

Whether you are enjoying a vista from atop a peak. Or admiring the gargantuan mountains from the base. Their sheer size and beauty overpower. And…for a moment…life is put into a proper perspective.  

“Awe” (Colorado, USA)

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  1. Take me home, Barrister, to the place I belong….
    … where I could truly feel God’s embrace, His breathe, and the peace He has to offer.
    Would have made fifteen years working in and with the D.A.’s office a whole lot more tolerable.



    • I always enjoy seeing cool landscapes from a plane. Canada is a beautiful country. I have been to the eastern part many times, but I have to yet to see the western. I would love to visit Vancouver. Now that I live on the west coast of the US, I will definitely be making that trip,

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  2. The Rocky Mountains are truly magnificent. I live very close to Banff, Alberta, Canada and whenever I visit I love hearing people make comments about how lucky they are to see them and it’s a once in a lifetime experience for them. Sometimes, living with these mountains in your backyard, it’s easy to take them for granted. Hearing other people talk about how special they are makes one appreciate them that much more and be grateful for where we live. Love the post!

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