4 SECRETS to Being FUNNY (and To Make Anyone Smile)

"Not Funny, but Cool" (Los Angeles, CA)

“Not Funny, but Cool” (Los Angeles, CA

When you make someone laugh…You are forming a timeless connection with that person. A deep primal bond, in which you are saying – “hey, I get you… for at least this moment.”

“Being funny” is obviously a very subjective thing. What some guy finds hysterical, another person could find distasteful and boorish (which probably means it was funny haha).

Despite the subjectivity of it all, anyone can achieve a universal sense of humor. It just takes some intuition, people skills, and creative thinking.

I hope this doesn’t come across as too “braggy” but I’ve always been considered a funny guy. Yes, I know I sound soooo conceited right now. But, it’s true. I am not an amazing football player, or world-class chess master, but I AM funny.

I am even crazy enough to go on stage in front of people just to make them laugh. Even when all they want to do is inhale Buffalo wings, and guzzle beer. Just ask my teachers growing up. I know they adored my funny (disruptive) behavior while they tried to teach the class.

Okay…now that I have explained to you all how amazingly funny I am, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty.

Here are four secrets to unleashing that amazing sense of humor upon the world. (Oh man, I just choked on a piece of cheese while writing this. Is that funny? Maybe.)

Be Confident

Having confidence is an important attribute for many endeavors in life. When you engage with another person, or even a group of people, they can sense confidence (or the lack thereof) right away. Once you have established that, the world is yours. Not literally of course.

And by confidence, I do not mean cockiness. I simply mean – you must be secure in yourself and what you are saying. People will buy you into what you are saying, if you believe it yourself. If you waiver, or show signs of low confidence, your attempt at humor will flounder. Unless people laugh at your horrible humor – which is so not cool of them to do. Those people are such jerks, right? 🙂

Be Spontaneous

When you feel a joke coming on, let it out! Over-thinking a joke is the equivalent to well…umm, destroying a joke.

If you feel something brilliant and humorous brewing inside, just let it out man! Of course, you may want to make sure that you are in the appropriate setting. No one wants to hear your dumb spring-break stories at Fido the Cat’s funeral. That’s just insensitive. 

Be Cool

Yeah, that’s right. I said to be cool. And by cool, I mean that you have to let things roll off your back, and enjoy the situation. This one is simple for some, and harder for others. You know what group you fit into.

Being cool is the ability to find the lighter side of things. To be able to joke around even when everyone else around you is…well… being cranky and boring. Bring levity to serious situations by finding the bright side, or by simply mocking the seriousness of life.

Life does not have to be some unbearable task. It can be fun. You just have to be cool, and let the fun come to you. Once you can do that, the funny will fly you out of you. You will become an unstoppable machine of funny!

Be Empathetic

Honestly, I think empathy is the most important aspect. You have to be able to walk in another’s shoes in order to truly connect with them. You must – at least try to – understand where they are coming from. What they are bringing to the table. And how they perceive the world. Being funny is all about knowing your audience, and responding accordingly.

Almost everyone wants to laugh. So, in order for you to be able to tap into that part of them, just take a second or two to see that person for who they really are. This is where your intuition comes into play. Your ability to speak the “language” of the person you are communicating with. If you truly make an effort to see the other person’s point of view, then you will surely be one step closer to making them smile and, hopefully, laugh.

Laugh on! And…Rock on!

(For some reason, I love saying “rock on.” Cheesy? Yes!)

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  1. As one who can be funny at times (takes concentration and tons of effort), it’s noteworthy to appreciate a funny personality. With a great smile and infectious laugh (my super power), I’m better off in the audience. Thank you for sharing. Good post, I’m happy to have read your suggestions and will implement some at my next meeting.

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    • Hi Shell, thanks for the comment. I always appreciate people who can laugh, and enjoy letting others entertain. The world needs both. I also like to sit back and enjoy others being funny. I love going to comedy shows, and watching funny movies and TV. Nothing like a good laugh! Have a great day!

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  2. You are always good at sharing thoughts and spreading knowledge. Be spontaneous you said. I think that just wont happen over night, that will need some time. I mean in being spontaneous I hope we don’t end up cracking Poor jokes and not be a joker but be an irritating ass.

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  3. I’ve written humour pieces for media. I know it is rude to say “Look at my web page” but I’ve posted a review of a PJ Wodehouse novel that you might like. Wodehouse knew that funny is little errors, mistakes, short dramas which the audience know will end well. Think of the classic prat fall. Someone slips on a banana peel. If they died = not funny, but to stand up and slip on the peel again = funny. (that would be equal to your empathy in feeling the mistake but coolness in the outcome with confidence in delivery… spontaneity would be to identify those three.)

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  4. Being funny is a trait that not everyone possess so easily. Great that you are able to share your laughter! A little always goes a longer way more than you may notice at that moment 🙂

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      • Yes! absolutely right! Funny comes in various ways and not always obviously funny and like you say it’s a chemistry thing about being funny! Maybe it’s a trait that a writer has and with you an added bonus being a comedian! Hahaha 🙂

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      • Ahh that subtle humor. When no one knows its funny! hahaha. Just kidding, Glad to see you back on my site. You vanished for a little while. Have a great day, Rina!


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