Holland: Through the Lens of an American (the final 8 photos…)

“House of the Holy” (The Netherlands)

What is the Netherlands? Is it near Holland?
Who are the Dutch? They live in Denmark, right?
And, Amsterdam. What’s the deal? Is it a city? A country? A settlement on the moon?
Have no fear weary traveler. I have the answers.

“Mill of the Wind” (The Netherlands)

The Netherlands is the official name of the nation that lies between the North Sea, and Belgium and Germany. Holland (North and South) is the name of two well-known provinces that were the cultural and economic heart of the Netherlands during its “Golden Age.” So…internationally, the nation became known as Holland.

As a practical matter, the name Holland is still used to promote the nation to businesses and tourists.

The people who call this wonderful country home are known as the Dutch.

Amsterdam is the country’s largest city, and its capital. (I love Amsterdam. I have been there over a dozen times, and the place impressed me on each visit. Put Amsterdam on your radar – you won’t regret it .)

Tomorrow, I fly from Brussels, Belgium back to Los Angeles. It’s been a really fun trip, but it’s time to return to California. 🙂

“Sports and Music” (The Netherlands)

“Sun Over Green” (The Netherlands)

“Tunnel Dreams” (The Netherlands)

“One Horn? No Worries Matel” (The Netherlands)

“Bikes, Bikes and A Few More Bikes” (The Netherlands)

“Albert’s Garden” (The Netherlands)

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  1. I love the photos. Completely into manipulation of anything so that it tells the story going on in your imagination. That’s our point of difference from the rest of the world. Thanks for the inspiration

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  2. I’m digging the experimental use of color manipulation you’ve got going. I myself enjoy playing with and manipulating colors to try and create the feeling I had when the shutter clicked. I will be interested to see how you hone this tool over time. Keep on keeping on!

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    • Thanks Dan! I appreciate the feedback. And that’s exactly what I am doing. Manipulating the colors according to my view and imagination. It’s just what I enjoy doing…and that’s what art is all about. Exploring what moves you. I dig your photos a lot. They are really cool – I really enjoy the point of view. You too – keep on keeping on. Great to meet you.

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  3. Absolutely stunning photos. I enjoyed them all yet my favorite is of the sunset. Incredible frame, the proportions just mind blowing. Thank you for quite an awesome post!! Love, Amy ❤

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  4. Thank you for liking “Illiteracy in America Infographic.” I enjoyed looking at your colorful photos and learning more about Holland and Amsterdam. I have not been there before, so thank you for the virtual tour. It sounds like you and your family had a wonderful time. 🙂

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  5. Hi Kevin! What a scenic country! I love it. Amsterdam is definitely on my ‘Bucket List’. I’m dying to go since a few of my friends have gone and raved about the trip. Great pictures (as usual). I’m so glad you’re enjoying your trip. 😀

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    • Hi Suzanne – yes, I love Amsterdam. What a great city. My first visit was in 1999, and I have been there many times since. My wife and two year old daughter have dual American- Dutch citizenship, so I will be making many more trips to Holland. My wife’s parents and her entire family live there. In 1999, I was still in university, and I spent a semester studying in Utrecht. Love that city!! Thanks for the comment, and kind words!

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  6. Hi Kevin! Thanks for sharing on your trip! I have really enjoyed re-visiting through your camera lens places that I have been to quite some time ago….I also loved Amsterdam and there really is bicycles absolutely everywhere! They have right of way on the roads as well, even over bigger vehicles like buses! I have two lots of friends here in Australia that originated from The Netherlands, and even though they are Aussie, they treasure their piece of ‘home’ as well….I also love their houses in the city where if you rent, and you move house, they take everything with them when they move, even the light fittings, the carpet and all! This is because all those houses are exactly the same size, so when they move, they can simply move house – literally!. They do not have as much land as we do in Australia, so they grow vegetables etc. near their railroad tracks, and wherever they can! I loved it all, and I am glad you did too! Enjoy a great trip home too….Many Blessings, Barbara xxxxx

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    • Hi Barbara! Thanks for your great comment. My wife is from Holland. So, we go back often to visit her parents and the rest of her family. My daughter is 2, and this was her first trip to Holland. She has already seen her Dutch grandparents on their visits to us here in the US, but she got to meet the rest of her Dutch family on this trip. It was very nice. Her and my wife have dual American-Dutch citizenship. Also, while in college, I got to study abroad in Holland for a semester (5 years before I met my wife.) Thanks again for always having such great comments. Much appreciated!!


  7. Wow! Can I ask a question – are you a professional photographer too?
    By the way, I think I forgot to mention – a wonderful blog name and subtitle
    Happy journey to home (:

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    • Hi Alexia. Thanks for thinking so highly of my photos. I am still an amateur photographer (although I have sold some photos.) I would love to do it professionally – so wish me luck! 🙂 Thanks for the well wishes for the journey home and for being such a great supporter of my website. Keep up the great work on your blog!!!

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  8. Beautiful photos again, Kevin! I am sure you enjoyed the time. So tomorrow you gonna have the heat (I mean really heat) back. Glad we had you here! The next time come a little more south and I’ll show you around over here 😉

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