Being a Dad: 4 Surprising Ways it Will Change You (#HappyFathersDay)

“Sienna Rose”

What!? I’m going to be a dad?

Whoa. I better get my s**t together!

The instant you hear the news – the biggest news of your life. Everything changes.

Literally. Everything.

Your priorities shift (or at least they should). Your viewpoints modify. Your heart moves into a new direction. And, although you are pretty sure what to expect (somewhat), you are generally not prepared for these four life altering consequences.

4. You Finally Discover Your Sensitive Side

Okay, okay. I am sure some of you were very sensitive men before you had a child (yeah right). But for the sake of humoring me, let’s pretend you were a typical egomaniac dude who lived for instant gratification, and doing your own thing.

Now all of a sudden, you have this mini person in your arms who looks to you for everything.
Food. Shelter. Clothes. And most importantly…love.

When you look into the eyes of your child, you cannot help but feel a bit vulnerable. You cannot keep up that tough guy façade any longer. This kid has swept you off your feet.

You learn to be tender. Sweet. And caring. Well…at least more than you were before – which was probably not much. 🙂

3. You (actually) Enjoy Putting Other’s Needs Ahead of Yours

This is a pretty novel idea, right? I mean. Come on. You want to watch that baseball game. Eat a sloppy joe. And put your mind to rest for the day.

The last thing you want to do is clean someone’s stinky butt. And have them yell at you the whole time you are doing it.

But, wait.

That was your old way of thinking. You now realize that each moment you spend with your child is a special moment. An occasion to be cherished.

So, forget about your longing to hit the golf course (and the club house) for the day. You have a little one at home who idolizes you.

And, when you put their needs above yours. You feel good. Because you did the right thing.

2. Socializing With a Two-Year Old is the Highlight of Your Day

Remember the time when hitting up happy hour was the best part of your day? Or for your more sophisticated folks – remember when you spent all day reading ancient literature in your local library?

Not anymore. Who has time for that. You have a game of peek-a-boo to attend. And, you cannot miss that amazing conversation where you can only decipher about 50% of the words. But, hey. Those “half” conversations are still better than most of the “full” conversations you have with the adults around you.

Only your child could keep you entertained for hours by simply enjoying life. Hanging out with your kid is not a chore – it is a privilege.

1. You Quote Your Own Dad’s Wise Words (and the not so wise ones)

My dad is a very intelligent man. I realize that now. But, when I was a kid – the only thing I wanted to do was …the opposite of everything he said.

Now, I find myself constantly using his words of wisdom to impart lessons on my daughter (and my wife – yeah, she loves that haha). I also find myself quoting some of my dad’s less eloquent points of view.

You all know what I am talking about. Women do it too. Except they become their moms. But that’s a discussion for another time. 🙂

Life is a cycle. And this becomes readily apparent when you become a dad. You realize that life is bigger than you. Much bigger. And, you learn that maybe your dad was right more than you care to admit.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad! And to all the fathers across the world.

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  1. What a great fathers day post. As parents we often find ourselves sinking in hypocrisy as we vocalize those same words our parents once used. Funny how children not only enrich our lives, they bring out the best of us.

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  2. Happy Father’s Day Kevin! I can’t believe how big Sienna has gotten since your visit. I think this was my favorite article so far, it is crazy how becoming a parent instantly changes a person. Hope all is well!! Love to the family.

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  3. She’s an angel! Wonderful that she has brought out positive changes in you. Kids have a way of doing that to us! 🙂 Happy Father’s Day to you!

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