Stand-Up Comedy: Kevin @ Flappers (Fri, 6/26/15 @ 9:30pm)

“Bikes and Bulletins” (The Netherlands)

Hello Everyone! I’m performing my world famous stand-up routine this Friday! And by world famous, I mean about 15 people know about it. haha. But, seriously, if you live in Southern California, I’d love to see you at the show.

Tickets are $25,000 each, BUT, I can get you the ticket for $15.

See!! Knowing me is a big deal. I can get you a $24,885 discount. 🙂 Here’s the flyer.

Have a great day!!

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    • Hey John, things are going well. I definitely get more stage time and get booked for more quality shows (i.e. weekends, bigger headliners and main room). A lot of the big, well known clubs in Los Angeles have multiple “rooms” that range from 50 to 300 seats. I wish I could do more shows and hit the road but alas, it’s difficult due to my other commitments — minor things like work and family 😂😂😉.

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  1. I do miss SoCal. Wish I could see you. My husband and I love a good laugh. Who doesn’t, right? Good luck and have fun! The date is on my birthday, so I’d say it’s a good date. 😉

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