Stand-Up Comedy: Kevin @ Flappers – Tomorrow, 10pm (Free Tickets!!)

"Desert Cities" (Somewhere in the California Desert)

“Desert Cities” (Somewhere in the California Desert)

Stand-Up Comedy!!

We recently took my two year-old daughter to the circus. She loved it. But…everyone else in the crowd over the age of 5 looked half-dead as they tried their best not to fall asleep.

I can assure you that my comedy show tomorrow night at Flappers is waaaaay more fun than the circus — what a snooze-fest!  (Sorry for offending any circus aficionados, but…come on man. The circus? Let’s retire that mode of entertainment. It’s about 35 years past due.)

Here is a link to FREE TICKETS! Hope to see you all there! Have a great day guys!

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    • Yeah, I have thought about that show. I am still on the fence about it. Interestingly, a few months ago, I did a show at the Comedy Store in Los Angeles, and one of the winners of that show was also performing that night. She brought her little toy dog to the show. haha. Thanks for the well wishes!!! Have a great day!

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  1. Hope it goes well Kevin & will have to investigate your site further to see if there are any audio or visual links – could do with some comedy! Have a blast. Deborah

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