You Wild Animal, You! (#photos #funfacts)

"A Deep Connection"

“A Deep Connection”

Hey Everyone! Here are some photos that I took of some beautiful animals.

I love animals. Always have. Always will. They are so pure, and raw. Please enjoy the images of these magnificent creatures. 🙂

"Beauty in Groups"

“Beauty in Groups”

Gorillas. These bad boys have a life expectancy of 35 years in the wild, and more than 50 years in zoos.

Horses. The horse. Humankind’s other best friend. These beautiful beasts have been found in cave paintings which date back to 15,000 B.C.

"Hang 10"

“Hang 10”

Ducks These little dudes are found in every corner of the earth, except for Antarctica (too cold for them.)

'Why Are You Staring at Me?"

‘Why Are You Staring at Me?”

Cows. Cattle form close relationships with one another. Generally, they choose to spend their time with two to four preferred friends. Conversely, cows can hold grudges for many years and may even have disdain for certain individuals.

"Wolves See Through Me"

“Wolves See Through Me”

Wolves. These animals are known to be highly social. In all wolf packs, the entire group is responsible for taking care of the young.

"Peace, Man. Life's a Beach"

“Peace, Man. Life’s a Beach”

Giraffes. These long and eloquent beasts are social and peaceful animals. Giraffes rarely fight, except for the occasional “necking” between males (they hit each other’s necks.) This behavior is rare, and generally does not result in any sort of injury.

"Heads Up, Homie"

“Heads Up, Homie”

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  1. I always enjoy your photography Kevin and I read the post on the Change Blog about acceptance and creativity and really enjoyed it. You are so “right on” about acceptance and moving on. You will find as you go through life that continues to be so true in all aspects of our life, pain, grief, illness, happiness, just to name a few.

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  2. Any blog with animal photos is going to put a smile on my dial! I live with 25 and they never cease to amaze me with their unique personalities and social systems. Thanks for sharing these lovely photos – my favourite is the gorilla – looks so wise.

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    • Thanks, man. I was thinking the same thing – what are they thinking as they looked at me?? I liked all of these shots because I was able to get the animals to look right into my eyes for the photos. Hopefully, my eyes showed them that I was only photographing their images out of respect. 🙂

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