3 Ways to Rid Your Life of Toxic Relationships


Hello Everyone! I recently published the above-titled article on Pick the Brain, a self-improvement website. Below is the intro. To continue reading, please click the link at the end.

Hope you enjoy the article. 🙂 Have a great day!

3 Ways to Rid Your Life of Toxic Relationships

We spend our lives moving from one experience to another. And along the way, we build relationships. And most of these relationships are positive. We enjoy one another’s company, and enrich each other’s lives.

But, sometimes…[Read more at Pick the Brain]


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  1. Thanks so much Kevin. I really needed this right now! This article confirmed my decision. I was in a relationship with a guy who I truly loved for 18 years but finally decided to end it. I am a person who usually does not give up, but this time I did. I always teetered back and forth… well… none of us are perfect, and well… maybe I can help him… and well… I never really caught him cheating (even though he was the biggest flirt) and well… I’ve learned a lot from him. Nope, I decided I needed to help myself and let go of the relationship. I want to find someone else, but I still have feelings for him which is preventing me from attracting someone who truly does have me as their best interest at heart. Wish me luck, because I am determined! Sincerely ~dp

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    • Hi Deborah – I really appreciate your thoughtful and personal comment. That’s great about your decision to move away from a bad relationship, and focus your attention on securing a relationship that enriches your life, and touches your soul. I wish you all the luck and happiness in the world!! Have a great weekend. 🙂

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    • Hi Isra! I’m happy to hear that my words resonated with you. But, I am even more happy to hear that you have freed yourself of such a relationship. Thanks for the comment, and I am glad we have connected. Have a wonderful day.

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  2. Great post. Have been there and know how hard it is to confront the truth in a relationship but we must also at the same time have a support person or group to remind us that happiness is surrounding us. By the way where was the photo taken? Have a great day

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    • Hi Barbara. Thank you. Glad the article resonated with you. Still waiting for your visit! My family and I look forward to it. I took that photo at Channel Islands National Park. You too – have a great day. 👍😎

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    • Hi Michele – thanks for the positive feedback. Yeah, walking away from a relationship – even a bad one – can be very difficult. But, you are right. It’s for the best when things are just awful.


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