California Cool: Laguna Beach (#photos #nature)

"Through the Eyes, I See the Beauty" (Laguna Beach, CA)

“Through the Eyes, I See the Beauty” (Laguna Beach, CA)

Hello Friends!

Spring is here and signs of new life are everywhere! It has been a while since I posted photos, so I will keep the chit-chat to a minimum and let the images speak for themselves! 🙂

Have a wonderful day everyone! (P.S. I took all of these photos at Laguna Beach in Orange County, California.)

"Life at Work" (Laguna Beach, CA)

“Life at Work” (Laguna Beach, CA)

"A View to Cherish" (Laguna Beach, CA)

“A View to Cherish” (Laguna Beach, CA)

"Colors of the Sea" (Laguna Beach, CA)

“Colors of the Sea” (Laguna Beach, CA)

"Time Stands Still" (Laguna Beach, CA)

“Time Stands Still” (Laguna Beach, CA)

"Upon the Hill, the Sea Below" (Laguna Beach, CA)

“Upon the Hill, the Sea Below” (Laguna Beach, CA)

"Wash it All Away" (Laguna Beach, CA)

“Wash it All Away” (Laguna Beach, CA)

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  1. Hi Kevin! Thank you for liking “First Day of Spring.” I am glad that I finally I have time to get back in touch with you! These nature photos are wonderful and relaxing to look at. I hope that you are continuing to enjoy spring in your part of the world. 🙂

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  2. Kevin: Why I goofed up your name the other day I’ll never know. You always have good things to say about Elm Drive Images. I appreciate the smiley face you added. Thanks for the, like, on my, Phlox filtering through the Stones. Have a good day.

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  3. Wow! What a wonderful injection of colour and not like any Spring I know! Coming back from a wintry albeit very beautiful Sweden to the gentle yellow daffodils and tulips of UK, your photos are truly a warm array of nature that seems almost beyond reach. Beautiful.

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  4. TALK ABOUT a stroll down memory lane! Used to visit there a lot as a child and stood exactly in the place (or near-ish) where you took the pic “Time stands still”. How true! Enjoyed the beauty of the photos and some happy childhood memories too. Have an awesome day!

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    • Thank you very much! Actually, I filter the images after I take the photo. I enjoy manipulating saturation, brightness, contrast, etc. I like to add my own “artistic” touch to the image. Taking the photo is fun. And then, the post work adds a whole new dimension. Thanks again for the kind words.

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    • Thank you!! Yeah, some of those photos were taken back in February. Southern California is truly the place of the “eternal Summer.” I’d love to visit where you live, and I am sure you would have a wonderful time visiting here. 🙂

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