Rejection Can Save Your Life – 3 Reasons Why

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“Desert Days” (Lancaster, California)

Rejection is an experience that’s tough to handle. And although it can come in many forms, there is always one constant – rejection hurts.

But after the reality of your rejection sets in. And you’ve had time to process the feelings of sadness, anger and resentment. You can then begin to heal, and use the rejection as a catalyst to embark upon a new life course.

If you approach it that way, rejection can save your life. Here’s why.

1 – You’ll Evaluate Your Priorities

When you’re rejected, it’s a pivotal moment in your life. You’ve been denied something you wanted. You can either wallow in self-pity. Or you can dig deep and assess why you were rejected. Irrespective of the rejection, a bit of inner reflection is always a good idea.

You may discover that the rejection was out of your control. And if that’s the case, move on. No use dwelling on it. But, if it’s something you did have control over. Well then, you need to understand your missteps.

Use this opportunity to learn from your mistakes and re-evaluate your life priorities.

2 – You’ll Learn Who You Are

Nothing like a negative experience to teach you a little about yourself. It’s kind of odd actually. When you are going through a positive and happy encounter, you just ride the wave of enjoyment. Most often, not much soul-searching goes on during happy times.

But the minute we experience a rejection, we find out really quick of what we are truly made. Are we as strong as we thought? Maybe not. But that doesn’t mean we can’t develop the skills to be strong. Because with each experience – good or bad – we grow. Whether we are conscious of it or not, each experience changes us.

If you can harness the defeat. And not allow the rejection to drag you into the doldrums. Then you are on your way to developing an unstoppable inner strength.

3 – You’ll Start to Live a Life You Love

No one can escape rejection. A life without rejection, is a life not fully lived. Because, the more risks you take, the more rejections you’ll endure. And that’s because you’ve made yourself vulnerable.

But the beauty of vulnerability is this – you’ve opened your mind and heart to something new. And, although you’ll suffer some rejection, the amazing positive experiences you’ll encounter will make it all worthwhile.

I’ve certainly had my fair share of rejections. I’m a risk taker. I love trying new things. Many times, it all works out great and I’m happy about the situation. But unfortunately, not everything I try works out. But, hey, I tried. And after the shock of the rejection wears off. I’m always glad I made the effort.

In a strange twist, a rejection can help you live a more full life. And not just a life of which you are sleepwalking through. The opportunity to reinvent yourself and discover new passions will often be preceded by rejection.

So, push aside the rejection, and continue to pursue a life of passion.

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  1. Great post, every word rings so true to me. I love your words ” In a strange twist, a rejection can help you live a more full life. And not just a life of which you are sleepwalking through.”

    Yes, how important it is that we don’t just exist, but live.

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    • Kids and adults, alike. I was an attorney for over 7 years in NYC. I knew that “world” rather well, and was doing great. I decided to make a drastic change and move to Los Angeles to pursue my creative passions. The experience has been amazing but also humbling. I totally agree with you though – kids need to learn it young, and master the necessary recovery and acceptance skills. For every rejection, I try my best to find the so-called silver lining. You cannot give up. Nothing worth achieving is easy. Thanks for the comment, Michele! Always great to hear your thoughts. 🙂

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  2. This is a very good post. You are so right – you do not grow from maintaining the status quo, when things are going well, but you do grow from adversity – or rejection. Yes, it sucks and really hurts at the time, but when you look back over your life, you realise that these tough times were the ones that made you grow stronger and more able to deal with whatever life will throw at you in the future.

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  3. Great post… you really provide good points here s to why rejection can be a good thing… this could absolutely help people going through a break up (some women suffer a lot, as if the guy was the only man on earth, by the way… ). Wise words, Kevin… 😀

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    • Hi Amalia! Thanks for the positive and kind comment. Yeah, rejection can be a real eye opener. As for break ups, it’s such a difficult thing because it’s hard not to take it very personally. But whatever the rejection is – if you learn from it, then you are on your way to greater things. Have a great day!! 😎

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    • Hi Sue! Great to hear from you. Been way too long. Yes, I totally agree. You get knocked down. Then you get up. And keep moving forward. If you want to reach your destination, you have no choice but to push on. Thanks for the kind words and stopping by! 🙂


    • Wow, I’m so happy to hear that it made such a positive impact on you!! Pleasure to meet you. For some reason, I’m having a problem connecting to your blog. Can you please provide me with the link again? 😎👍🏼


  4. This is beautiful. Perfect timing for me – you kind of saved my life here. Thanks for following! Wouldn’t want to miss your blog.

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    • Haha. Thanks man! Same here. I just didn’t want to brag in my article, so I made it look like I also had rejections. Everything in my life has been easy and perfect. It’s quite unreal. Oh wait, it is unreal. lol

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