Images of Amazing California: San Diego. La Jolla. Horse Ranches.

View of San Diego from Balboa Park bridge

“City Frozen in Time” (San Diego, CA)

Hi Friends! 🙂

California is a vast, geographically (and culturally) diverse state. Whether it’s surfing in Malibu, skiing at Lake Tahoe or four-wheeling on the sands of the Mojave Desert – adventure is never too far away.

Over the past month, I’ve been fortunate enough to visit a few horse ranches. The amazingly beautiful coastal neighborhood of La Jolla. And the awesome city of San Diego. Here are some shots I took of those experiences.

Thanks for enjoying my images! Have a terrific day!

Pacific Ocean in La Jolla Cove, California

“Life in Water” (La Jolla Cove, CA)


California horse ranch

“Saddle Up” (Aqua Dulce, CA)


flowers in La Jolla, California

“Center of its Universe” (La Jolla, CA)


horse ranch in California

“A Time, A Place” (Acton, CA)


ocean view in La Jolla, California

“View of Splendor” (La Jolla, CA)


a tree in Balboa Park in San Diego, California

“Gnarly” (San Diego, CA)


Museum of Man in San Diego

“History Alive” (San Diego, CA)


a horse and ranch in California

“Sadie the Horse” (Aqua Dulce, CA)

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  1. LOVED these photos!! Many of these are shots taken in places where I have actually stood myself. I grew up in San Diego and though the Northwest has been home for many years, I miss San Diego, my beaches, Torrey Pines and Manzanitas (the trees), the ranches! Thanks for a wonderful trip down memory lane (and for visiting my blog too!)

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  2. Hi Kevin! My favorite is ‘Life in Water’ I just love the way you pick up the colors in the water in contrast with the sky. Every picture is amazing! Thanks for sharing with us – it is truly a blessing to see things through your eyes.

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