California’s Hidden Gem: San Luis Obispo County

“Overcast Across the Waves” (Pismo Beach, California)

Hi Friends!

Recently, my family and I took a 4-day trip to San Luis Obispo County. It’s part of California’s Central Coast region. The area has beautiful beaches, enchanted forests and quaint towns.

“Electric Rocks” (Montana de Oro State Park, California)

It was a little cloudy during our trip. So, that made taking some photos a bit more challenging. But, who cares. It was a great trip – with my awesome family – in a breathtaking area.

Please enjoy the images. And have a wonderful day!! 🙂

“Layered Life” (Morro Bay, California)

“Earth and Clouds” (Pismo Beach, California)

“Sunset Imagination” (Cambria, California)

“Hidden Mountain” (Los Osos, California)

“Green and Blue” (Cambria, California)

“Colors of My Mind” (Montana de Oro State Park, California)

“Peaceful Peninsula” (Pismo Beach, California)

“Seals Aplenty” (Cambria, California)


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  1. Scrollin’, Scrollin’, Scrollin’…..I’m really late to thus post but WOW you’ve git quite the following as you should! Exceptional shots Kevin. My favorite is the electric rocks. 😀

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  2. I’m from Michigan, and have made a couple of cross country treks up the California coast from Santa Monica to San Fransisco, and back down. It’s great to look at your photos and think, “I’ve been there!”
    We like “Neptunes Net”, and “Monterey Fish House”, and wine touring in Dry Creek Valley. Thanks for bringing back memories!

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    • Hey Brian, great to meet you. Glad to hear my photos stirred up some good California memories. Neptune’s Net. Love that place. Had lunch there last Father’s Day. Thanks for the thoughtful comment! 😎👍🏼


  3. As usual, photos to inspire! Also find the names with which you describe ,or just personalize, them just wonderful and spot on…A talented guy for sure….. keep the photos coming. They are so enjoyable and stress relieving as I sit and ponder the beautiful area.

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  4. These are great photos, Kevin, and my personal favorite, you ask? The first one — it’d be a really nice book illustration & a good taking-off point for a story. “There was this seagull, a fishing boat, two kayakers, and a little mountain…” (How you’re gonna get all these characters going into a bar, is your problem, you’re the professional!) Seriously, all the shots look warm and saturated in a very appealing way. The only issue, really, is those seals. I thought everybody in California was into fitness and healthy living — you’ve got to get those guys organized, up and exercising, Zumba or something.

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    • Haha. I like that story idea. Though, if I ever go for it, you make seek writing credits lol. Trust me – not everyone in CA is into fitness. We took our kids to the LA County Fair last weekend. Lots of fried Oreo eating going on. Not us, for sure. I was inhaling grapes that I brought with me. Tempting to eat all that fair cr*p, but we held off. Thanks for the kind words, Robert. Always a pleasure to hear from you. Hope all is well in upstate NY.

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      • All is well. Life is developing. I am back at work full time and have come pretty far already in a very short time. The oldest one moved out 2 years ago, the middle one goes to university since last week. So it is only my youngest one (15 and in apprenticeship search mode) and I. It is fantastic how all works out and how the kids are able to go out into the world. How is everything at your side, Kevin?

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      • It’s amazing how life keeps moving forward. The only constant in life – change! Happy to hear your kids are doing well. And that you’re doing great at work. Everyone is great here. My oldest – Sienna – just turned 4 a couple of months ago. My youngest – Flynn – is 18 months. He is really developing quite a charming little personality. The ladies already swoon haha. He’s got a killer smile. 😁 Sienna is sharp as a tac. And super inquisitive and a sweet little girl. Hopefully we will get to see you again when you visit California!! Have a wonderful day Erika!!

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      • Oh, so wonderful to see your family blossoming! I would really love to meet you and also your family again. I still tell people how I appreciated you coming to Pasadena after only a few days following me. Be sure that I will let you know when I am in Cali the next time. Perhaps I can even see one of your shows!!

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      • That would be awesome. Next time you plan on coming to California, let me know. And, I’ll be sure to get booked on a show. It’s a fun night. Drinks. Food. Laughter. Can’t get any better! ‘Till then. 😎

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