Hollywood Heat: Technicolor Nature of Los Angeles

“Vivid Life” (Los Angeles, California)

Hello Friends! Here in Southern California – it’s still summer. And it will be. For a while.

In fact, it’s crazy hot right now! Get this. In my town – today’s high is 111°F (44 °C ). Yes – that’s right. Let that sink in.

It’s like living on the surface of the sun. haha 🙂

“Estuary Escape” (Ventura, California)

But, despite the heat. I always make time to enjoy nature. It always soothes my mind. And sparks my creativity.

Here are some photos I snapped in and around Los Angeles. Hope you enjoy the images.

Have a wonderful day! 🙂

“Hollywood Peacock” (Los Angeles, California)

“Outer Space” (Los Angeles, California)

“Towering” (Los Angeles, California)

“Surreal Sunshine” (Ventura, California)

“Blue Elegance” (Los Angeles, California)

“Butterfly Effect” (Los Angeles, California)

“Palms of Hyper-color” (Los Angeles, California)

“Neon” (Los Angeles, California)

“Strawberry Cactus” (Los Angeles, California)

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  1. Amazing, beautiful photos! You never let me down. It’s still summer here as well, high 90’s with little chance of cooling anytime soon. Too be honest, I love it!

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    • Hey Shell – great to hear from you!! Thank you 🙂 Yeah, I love warm weather. Especially because I grew up in the Northeast, so I’ve experienced the extreme cold. I will take the heat anytime over that! Have a great day! 🙂


    • Hi, and thank you! The heat wave snapped yesterday, thankfully. Actually, we live in a valley, and we do get some crazy wind. But, during this heat wave, the breeze was minimal. It was tough, but it’s okay. Overall, I cannot complain with all the warm sunshine we receive year-round. Are you vacationing now in Scotland? I have never been, but would love to go there.

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      • I think if you have a little breeze then excessive heat is bearable – almost! 🙂
        I was visiting family in the UK for 5 weeks, but am back in SA now. I’m going through my many photos and my posts lag behind somewhat! 😀

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  2. Kev, you really have such an eye for things. The technicolor is so vivid. Really love the blue elegance. Always thrilled to see your posts! Happy Sunday my friend!

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  3. Very beautiful photos, Kevin 🙂
    Here where I live in Spain, we have also had warm weather for long time. Rain the last days, which took the temperatures down, but the sun should be back from today again. I haven’t had it so warm this year, as you have now, which I feel grateful for, that is just too much.

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    • Hey Irene! Thank you for the sweet comment. I agree – this heat is too much. The kids have to play inside, because the heat is overpowering. At some point yesterday, my car’s temperature gauge read 119 degrees!! How are you feeling? Hopefully, your recovery is moving along nicely. You are in our thoughts here in the Hotter household. 🙂

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  4. YIkes!! That’s sizzling hot! The photos are gorgeous and what fantastic scenery and wildlife around you – I’d head out too but probably in the cooler morning or evening air. Here we had a drop in temperature over one day from 24 to 14 – boohoo…I don’t like this Autumn feeling just yet! Wishing you many sparkling creative moments! 😀😀

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    • Hey Annika! Great to hear from you. 😁 Thanks for the kind words. We are heading up the coast for a trip next week. Temps are cooler. And the scenery is supposedly amazing. I’ll make sure to take lots of photos! Enjoy your week and the change in seasons. 🍁

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  5. Again you give us such beauty through your pictures. My favourites this time is ‘Vivid Life” and “Surreal sunshine” . How I agree with your u that nature heals and inspires.
    44C though, I would wilt…….

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