Kevin Hotter: Stand Up Comedy – Next Saturday in Los Angeles! (9/8/18 7:30pm)

Hello Friends!

It’s comedy time! (Warning: I will dramatically overuse exclamation points in this blog post!) 🙂

Join me next Saturday at Flappers Comedy Club in downtown Burbank! The night will be filled with greasy pub food, a drunk audience and lots of laughter!!

We ALL deserve some laughs, so I hope to see you in the audience!! (See, I am using way too many exclamation points. I just can’t stop!!!)

After the show, we always convene on the club’s outside patio for some more laughs!!

Have a great weekend everyone!

(P.S. Here’s a link for discount tickets!) 

(P.S.S. One last exclamation point! Ahh, that felt good!)

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    • haha, hi Miriam! Not only would you have to fly across the Atlantic, but you’d have to also cross the entire North American Continent. Quite a journey for my comedy. But well worth it! lol Yes, the club video records every performance. They do it in a very professional manner. I will be getting a recent performance from them soon, and post it. Thanks so much for your support! Always nice to hear from you. 🙂

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