Haunted Los Angeles: Halloween Photos

“Creepy Clown” (Los Angeles, CA)
Hi friends!! Been way too long! I hope everyone is happy and enjoying each day to the fullest! 😀😎  
“Wall of Horror” (Los Angeles, CA) 
Anyway – in the spirit of the season, here are some weird and creepy Halloween shots that I recently took. 🤡 Happy Halloween!! 👻  🎃  
“Hallway to Nowhere” (Los Angeles, CA)
“Apocalypse” (Los Angeles, CA)
“Puppet Master” (Los Angeles, CA)
“Zombie Attack” (Los Angeles, CA)
“Jack the Pumpkin” (Los Angeles, CA)

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      • Thanks, Kevin. I am glad to hear from you too. 🙂 I am okay, but I am busy. I had a lot of writing assignments last month. This week I had to get a smog check for my car and go to the DMV to pay my car registration renewal fee. I’m glad that’s over!

        I hope you are doing well too. You must be pretty busy with working and looking after your small children. Take care! 🙂

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  1. WOW, Kevin. You really did take some stunning photos and frightening ones at that. 🙂
    I must say that the people around have some fantastic imagination. I can see why you decided
    to create your own art from it by sharing a crop of your favourites pictures. Thanks.


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  2. Wow! These Halloween images are spooky Kevin 😱 Wall of Horror and Zombi Attack are my favourites, had a good laugh. Is the head of the headless driver in Zombi Attack among those creepy and colourful heads hanging on the Wall of Horror I wonder 😃
    Halloween is a big concept here as well. A lot of fun for kids. Mine are ready to go trick or treat. They’re counting down the days.

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  3. Great photos. It’s amazing that a big city would hold so many creepy images. I suppose being a movie industry city many folks get into the spirit of it .

    Thanks for sharing your excellent photos.

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