Awesome Ocean Views: Coastal Los Angeles

“Solitary Viewpoint” (Los Angeles County, California)

Hello friends! Hope everyone is having an amazing summer! And to my friends in the Southern Hemisphere, I hope your winter is just as excellent!

Life is beautiful, fleeting and complicated. Embrace it all, and try your best not to take yourself too seriously. It all sounds cliche (I know) but sometimes cliches are true.

“A Home is a Home” (Los Angeles County, California)

Take care everyone and have a terrific week! 🙂

“Leave the Light On” (Los Angeles County, California)


“Horizon of Hope” (Los Angeles County, California)

“Forest of Whispers” (Los Angeles County, California)

“Force of Nature” (Los Angeles County, California)

“Life Emerges” (Los Angeles County, California)

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  1. Beautiful photos. I particularly like the sunlight reflecting on the sea in the first photo, and the sky seen through the tall trees. 🙂
    Our winter is going well, thank you, with enough rain to fill up the dams quite a bit.
    Have a lovely week too 🙂

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  2. Absolutely gorgeous photos Kevin! Loved them all! Thanks for sharing. Angel hugs, Barbara from Sydney….and yes, it can be cool here because it is winter, but we have had a few days now of over 20 degrees, so it is actually quite nice. We are concerned over here though that we haven’t had enough rain, and that when it actually DOES get to summertime, then bushfires are much more likely….let’s hope not! Hope you are enjoying your week!

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    • Hi Barbara, thanks so much for the kind words! Glad to hear you are enjoying the nice weather. Yeah, we encounter the same issue in California. Lack of rain + hot, dry summers = fire hazard! About 2 months ago, we were at an amusement / water park with roller coasters, water slides, etc and a fire broke out in the nature surrounding the park. The firefighters flew in on helicopters to extinguish it. Quite stressful especially for my 2 young children. But everyone was fine eventually. We were trapped inside the park’s parking lot until the fire was contained. Anyway, just thought I’d share that story with you. I’m sending positive vibes your way for rain and a hazard free summer!


    • Thanks John! You cannot ask a magician to reveal his secrets in such a public forum haha Just kidding — Yeah, I use a few different photo editing apps to get my desired look. Thanks for all the support, man!

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    • Hi! Great to hear from you. Thank you! 😎 These shots were taken while I was visiting the Palos Verdes peninsula. The area resembles Malibu a lot, which is a gorgeous area (but I really like Palos Verdes…it’s out of control beautiful). 😉😄

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      • Southwest LA County – very close to the LA Harbor in San Pedro. It’s difficult to get to (only surface roads, no freeways with direct access). And it’s just very pretty and relaxing.

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      • It looks it. When I had to drive through L. A. from NE of there to get to San Diego, I swore I’d avoid that town from now on. I was so stressed by the time I made it through and south of orange county. I’m glad you have found retreats in the area.

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      • Totally hear what you’re saying. We work in LA but live in the Santa Clarita Valley. It’s very scenic and chill. Though, the temps are pretty brutal in the summer but we have abundant sunshine most of the year. So-called June Gloom is not bad here at all. I’ll leave my house with sunny skies, head over the “hill” into LA, and the skies are cloudy. So strange lol.


      • Where is Santa Clarita valley? Must be a brutal commute though.

        San Diego had June gloom. I grew up in So. AZ, and went to college there, too, so I understand brutal summer temps!

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      • It’s above 35 miles north of downtown LA. Not too bad, but of course the traffic can be really awful. But…we have a commuter rail that has three stations in our town. So, when I work in downtown, I take the train – 45 mins. It’s nice. I can get writing done while commuting. 🙂


      • Isn’t that near Ventura? I spent a few weeks in Ventura and really liked it. I drove up to Monticito, too. That place is gorgeous.

        It’s great you can just sit and relax on the light rail. The drive to the area these photos are from must be long and jammed with cars.

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      • Yep, our city borders Ventura County. When we go to the beach, we head to Ventura Beach – 35 minute westbound drive. And yep! Tons of traffic from my home to Palos Verdes (area where the photos were taken). Too much traffic! Waaaaaay too much haha

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  3. Thanks Kevin! Pictures are beautifully done. Nice to know you are happy with CA!

    We are leaving OC soon & moving to Candlewood Lake in CT! Hope to get together with your M&D now that we both live in New England!

    Have a great summer.



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    • Hi Rosaliene, thanks so much! I always really enjoy taking photos of trees. I never realized how much I loved trees until the last few years. I have seen so many beautiful, old and HUGE trees since living in California. They are magnificent beings!

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  4. How absolutely wonderful Kevin. Not only are you my favourite photographer but you are also kind and wise. I quote you :
    ” Life is beautiful, fleeting and complicated. Embrace it all, and try your best not to take yourself too seriously .”

    I will keep that in mind.

    Some of your photos are so beautiful it brings tears to my eyes. It is great to see you back.


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